Vox Headphone Amp – Review

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Today’s blog post is going to focus on a tiny and cool thing – the Vox Headphone Amp. Welcome to Best Guitars Now! It’s a music blog run by a passionate musician. As an advanced guitar player with over 13 years of musical experience, I feel obliged to share my knowledge with my readers. Feel free to check out my full story under this link, you can also check out my own music and my Spotify playlists.

Long story short – every model of the Vox Headphone Amp is absolutely amazing. They all offer cheap pricing, top quality and amazing tone.

Let’s review one of the coolest things that Vox created in the last few years. I’m a big fan of that small, yet powerful guitar accessory. In my opinion, absolutely every guitarist should get it. But enough talking – let’s play some guitar. Firstly, here’s a quick sound sample. Take a minute and check it out before we move on to the specifications of each model and pricing. In addition, the review features some really cool riffs.

Vox AC30 Review

Pretty good for such a tiny thing, right? The versatility of sound at this super cheap pricing still amazes me. You can achieve so many different tones with it. Whether you’re into classic rock n’roll, blues or indie rock, this headphone amp by Vox will definitely be a useful part of your musical gear. What’s more, it’s available in quite a few different options designated for various guitars and genres. Let’s have a look at each one of these models. Although remember – each one of them includes three different modes. I included short descriptions with my thoughts under the pictures of these amplifiers. Nevertheless, if you want to see more detailed information about each of these models, you can simply click on the picture to see all the specifications on Amazon. Let’s rock n’ roll!

Vox amPlug AC30

Vox AC 30
Vox amPlug AC 30

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This amp model features a use of a tremolo circuit. What’s more, there are nine selectable effects with three types Reverb, Delay and Chorus. I highly recommend it for both beginner and intermediate guitarists who are looking for an affordable headphone amplifier.

Vox amPlug Bass

Vox AP2BS Headphone Amp
Vox amPlug AP2BS Bass

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This model is aimed at bass guitar players. It is specifically aimed at lower frequencies and what’s important, it features three gain modes. In addition, there are also over nine selectable rhythm patterns. Hence, this setup makes it a perfect accessory for any bassist. Well done, Vox!

Vox amPlug Blues – My Favorite Headphone Amp

Vox AP2BL Headphone Amp
Vox amPlug AP2BL Blues

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This tiny yellow model was made particularly for blues lovers. Undoubtedly, it will be a great fit for any lover of that genre. Similarly as previous models, AP2BL provides three modes: Clean, Crunch & Lead. All of these setups offer a wide range of classic tones and vintage tones. On top of that, there are also nine effects with different types of Delay, Chorus and Reverb. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! This is definitely my favorite headphone amp by Vox.

Vox amPlug Classic Rock

Vox Classic Rock
Vox amPlug AP2CR Classic Rock

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As you can imagine, this grey model will be great for all classic rock enthusiasts. Finding your own vintage tone won’t be difficult with this thing. Moreover, it features a selectable mid-boost. Again, there are different types of Chorus, Reverb and Delay available too. I highly recommend it to fans of Guns n’ Roses and AC/DC!

Vox amPlug Clean

Vox headphone amp AP2CL
Vox amPlug AP2CL Clean

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AmPlug Clean is created for lovers of clean tones. Whether you play jazz, blues or indie, you will definitely be satisfied with the quality of this tiny amplifier. In this case, there are three modes available: Pure Clean, Twin Clean & Boutique OD. Especially the last one deserves a highlight – it offers an extremely wide range of classic tones. Similarly as in other Vox headphone amps, there also available a few different types of Reverb, Delay and Chorus. Undoubtedly, this Vox is an amazing headphone amp.

Vox amPlug Lead

Vox amPlug AP2LD
Vox amPlug AP2LD Lead

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Another extremely cool and affordable model. The Vox amPlug Lead is created for people who like to play guitar solos. If you’re one of this players, you should definitely check it out. On top of that, this small amplifier offer a really diverse range of sounds. What’s more, just like in other models, there’s also available Chorus, Reverb and Delay. I highly recommend it to lead guitarists who play in bands. With that thing, you will be able to practice at any time of day and night without having to use a pedalboard or a tube amp. Awesome stuff!

Vox amPlug Metal

Vox amPlug AP2MT Metal

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This amplifier is made for the lovers of heavy riffs and hot, fast guitar solos. If you’re a metalhead, you should definitely consider checking it out. What I like about this headphone amp is that it gives you really extreme and vintage high-gain sound of a classic US-made amp. I’m still amazed how Vox managed to lock such amazing quality in such a tiny thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves playing metal. In addition, here’s my guide on the best and affordable metal guitars. If you like that genre, you should definitely check it out.

Vox Headphone Amp – Thoughts

As you can see, Vox managed to create a lot of really interesting headphone amplifiers that are suitable for the most of guitar players. Whether you’re into classic rock, jazz or metal, the producer created versions of their amp specifically for each genre. What’s more, even bass players can enjoy using their own model. In my opinion, this tiny thing offers a truly remarkable sound at really cheap pricing. I have no hesitation in recommending each one of these models. If you’re still unsure, feel free to watch the video that I included at the beginning of the article.


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