Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH – Is It Good? [REVIEW]

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squier contemporary active jazzmaster hh review

If you’re wondering if Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH is a good electric guitar or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s in-depth review, I’m going to take a very close look on that model. It seems like a really unique Squier guitar, but is it actually that good?

The truth is that Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster offers a fantastic quality for the money. Although it has its own minor flaws, it’s definitely worth the money. Especially if you’re into rock and metal!

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what exactly makes this guitar so good and so popular. Firstly, we’ll have a look at the specifications and advantages of that guitar. Additionally, we’ll see if it has any flaws. Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out if this guitar is a good fit for you.

Specs & Pricing

squier contemporary active jazzmaster hh review

Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH is an affordable and well made electric guitar suitable for the most demanding guitarists out there. This guitar is one-of-a-kind – it’s a bit different than all the other models that are currently made by Squier.

What makes it so cool? Well, the guitar features an offset poplar body, a comfortable Modern C-shaped maple neck and a laurel fretboard. In addition, the manufacturer equipped this model with a pair of active ceramic pickups, which offer a lot of versatility when it comes to tone.

Overall, the guitar feels, sounds and looks absolutely fantastic. What’s important, it stays in tune pretty well thanks to the bridge with the stop tailpiece. This is a big advantage, especially for guitarists who like to shred!

It is also worth mentioning that Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH is also available at a relatively low price. Although it’s not the cheapest Squier guitar out there, it’s definitely way cheaper than most of Fender guitars. That being said, it’s definitely worth the money!

Here’s the sound demo – feel free to check it out below.

Who Is It For?

Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH is suitable for both amateur and more intermediate guitar players. No matter how advanced you are, you will definitely appreciate the quality and uniqueness of that instrument.

What’s important, the Contemporary Active Jazzmaster is also suitable for players on a tight budget. This is not an overly expensive guitar, so it’s within reach of any guitarist. Surely, it will be much easier to save up on that Squier instead of saving up on a high-end Fender.

Overall, the vast majority of guitarists will really enjoy using the Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH. It’s a really well made and great sounding guitar! There’s not much to complain about, so that’s why I highly encourage you to check it out.

Here’s an another sound demo.

Disadvantages Of Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster

Although Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster is generally a great electric guitar, it’s not a high-end Fender. The disadvantages of this guitar aren’t too serious, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. Still, here’s what you need to know.

Firstly, some guitarists report problems with the original setup of that model. This problem occurs in pretty much all cheap guitars, so it’s nothing new. You just have to be okay with the fact that at some point you’ll have to adjust the string action in order to make that guitar more playable.

Additionally, if you’re into rock and metal, you’ll benefit from changing the original strings on that Jazzmaster. It will become a killer axe once you put some thicker strings on it!

Also, the Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster usually comes without a gig bag. This is not a problem for someone who’s playing at home, but if you’re planning on traveling or commuting with that guitar, it may be a serious issue. If you don’t know which case is the best for a Jazzmaster, check out my article about the best gig bags for Jazzmasters and Jaguars.

Summing up, the main disadvantages of that guitar are:

  • poor initial setup (may require adjusting the string action)
  • the original strings are pretty basic
  • it comes without a gig bag

Still, I believe that the advantages of that Jazzmaster outweigh the disadvantages of that model. Honestly, it will be really tough to find a better guitar with active pickups at this price level. It’s definitely worth the money!

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you don’t like the sound of Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH or you simply can’t afford it right now, that’s totally fine! The market is full of other great electric guitars. Of course, it all depends on your budget and your own personal preferences when it comes to guitars.

Here’s a few other guitars that you can also check out if you’re looking for a good and reliable piece of gear.

other electric guitars

Firstly, I highly recommend checking out the Squier Bullet Mustang. This is one of the cheapest guitars made by Squier, but it offers a surprisingly good quality. It’s a great instrument for everyone who’s looking for their first guitar. At this price, you won’t be able to find anything better!

Alternatively, you can also check out the Ibanez AS53. This is a semi-hollow body guitar, so it’s a bit different than the Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster. Still, it offers an amazing quality. I personally own that model and I have to admit that it looks, feels and sounds like a much more expensive guitar. Great choice for the money!

Additionally, you can also check out the Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH. It’s a really similar to the guitar reviewed in today’s article, but it’s a Strat. If you’re not a fan of offset body shapes, you should definitely consider adding this model to your collection instead.


Where is Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH made?

Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH is manufactured in China. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad though – guitars from this region are generally really well made these days.

Where can I find out more about Squier guitars?

Squier is owned by Fender, so if you want to find out more about their guitars, check out their official website.


As you can see, Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster is a fantastic electric guitar. If you’re on the hunt for a good and reliable electric guitar for rock and metal, you will be really satisfied with that model. It exceeds all the expectations and it’s available at a relatively low price!

What do you think about this Jazzmaster? Would you add it to your own guitar collection? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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