Squier Bullet Mustang – Is It Worth The Money? Honest Review

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squier bullet mustang review

In today’s article, we’re going to review one of the most popular budget guitars available on the market right now – Squier Bullet Mustang HH. A lot of guitarists (especially beginners) choose this model as their first guitar. It’s cheap, but is it actually worth the money? Let’s find out!

Squier Bullet Mustang is a great and affordable option for any guitarist. It has a really comfortable neck and it sounds cool too. Of course, it’s an entry-level guitar, so you can’t expect it to be a piece of art. The pickups and tuners used in this model are pretty basic, but overall it is still a good choice for a lot of musicians. It’s definitely worth every cent!

The Bullet Mustang is one of the cheapest guitars offered by Squier. Overall, I think that it’s a perfect choice for anyone who’s starting out their musical journey. If you’re a more advanced players, you may want to look for something better (like Squier Classic Vibe Mustang). But if you’re searching for your first guitar, this Mustang is the way to go.

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My Experience With Squier Bullet Mustang (+ VIDEO)

I recently had the pleasure to test out a brand new Squier Bullet Mustang and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Feel free to check out my own video review below – there’s a quick sound demo as well.

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As I mentioned on the video, this is a really good guitar. I’m actually surprised that the price of it is so low. I think that in terms of quality, the Bullet Series is pretty much similar to the Affinity series, which is a little bit more expensive. I own a Squier Affinity Jazzmaster and the overall feel of these guitars is comparable.

It’s really tough to talk about the disadvantages of this guitar when you think how inexpensive it is. At this price level it will be difficult to find something better. Nevertheless, this guitar is not a piece of art – the hardware, electronics, bridge and tuners are pretty basic and it’s clearly visible that the quality of materials is not the best.

Still, the guitar is absolutely comfortable to play and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Although it may not be the best guitar for more intermediate players, it certainly is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to start their musical journey.


squier bullet mustang

The Bullet Mustang features a thin poplar body, which is pretty lightweight. The weight of this guitar definitely contributes to the overall comfortability of playing, so it will be definitely appreciated by beginners.

The guitar is also equipped with a pair of two humbucking pickups, which offer a cool and versatile tone. Although the quality of these pickups is not ideal, this Mustang is great for distorted riffs. It will work particularly well for such genres as blues, rock, grunge, alternative rock or indie.

Squier Bullet Mustang also has a pretty thin and comfortable neck with a satin finish. Bear in mind that Mustangs have a bit shorter scale, so overall it’s slightly smaller in comparison with other guitars, such as Jazzmaster, Stratocaster or Telecaster.

If you’re interested to find out more about the specifications and pricing of this guitar, I highly recommend checking it out on Amazon.

About Mustangs

Mustangs may not be as popular as other types of Fender guitars, but they are still considered as one of the most iconic guitars of all time. In fact, there were a lot of legendary musicians who used this type of guitar on a daily basis. That includes musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Norah Jones, PJ Harvey, Matthew Healy and many, many more!

The Mustang was introduced in 1964 and it quickly became really successful. Originally, it was available in two scale lengths: 22.5″ and 24″. Most of today’s Mustangs feature the 24 inch scale, which is still considered as short. What’s interesting, the Mustangs usually feature two-single coil pickups, so the use of two humbuckers in the Squier Bullet Mustang is quite extraordinary.

It is also worth mentioning that the Mustangs are particularly loved by fans of grunge music. Since it was one of the favorite guitars of Kurt Cobain (similarly as the Fender Jaguar), it attained a lot of recognition in the 1990s during the rise of grunge music scene.


What is a short scale guitar?

A short scale guitar is a guitar which is slightly smaller than a regular-sized guitar. The shorter scale means that the distance between frets is smaller and the string action is usually lower. As a result, short scale guitars tend to be easier to play than any guitars with a higher string action.

Are short scale guitars good?

Absolutely! Short scale guitars are great for a wide range of guitarists across all the genres. Whether you’re into blues, rock or indie, the short scale guitars (such as Mustangs or Jaguars) are a great option for you.

In addition, since the distance between frets on these guitars is a bit smaller, these guitars are also recommended for players with short or fat fingers.

Do short scale guitars sound different?

Yes, they sound a little bit different – they usually have a bit warmer tone. This is a result of a lower tension of strings. If you you don’t like that tone, you can always use heavier gauge strings. Once you change them, the strings won’t be able to vibrate as freely, therefore the tone will be slightly different.

Are Squier Mustangs good?

Of course! Squier offers a few different Mustangs – the most popular ones are the Bullet Mustangs and Classic Vibe Mustangs. Although the Bullet Mustangs are much cheaper, they still offer an amazing quality which is comparable with the Classic Vibe Series. Undoubtedly, they are a great choice for all-level guitarists who are looking for shorter scale guitars.

Fender vs Squier Mustang – which one is better?

This is debatable. Certainly, original Fender guitars are almost always a better choice rather than their cheaper alternatives with a Squier logo. Nevertheless, it all depends on what your budget is and what is your level of experience. If you’re a beginner, the Squier Mustang will be more than enough for you and you’re going to love it. On the other hand, more experienced players should probably go with Fender – their guitars feature better pickups.

Personally, I think that both Squier and Fender Mustangs are awesome. I guarantee that no matter which option you choose, you’re going to be satisfied.


As you can see, the Squier Bullet Mustang is a really cool guitar which is totally worth it. The truth is that it will be difficult to find a better guitar at this price level. Out of my observations, a lot of instruments with similar pricing have a lot of flaws – whether it’s the setup requirement or something else

I have no hesitation with recommending this guitar to anyone who wants to start their musical journey. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’re going to like it too – but remember that it’s a budget guitar.

What do you think about the Squier Bullet Mustang? Let me know in the comments section below, I’m really curious! Thanks for checking out my blog. If you enjoyed this article, you may also like:





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