Is Guitar Good For Your Brain? Discover 7 Undeniable Benefits

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In today’s article, we’re going answer one of the most common questions asked by beginner guitarists: is guitar good for your brain? The answer is: YES! In fact, playing guitar is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. I created a list of 7 important benefits of playing guitar. Whether you believe it or not, playing the guitar for half an hour a day can seriously change your life in all aspects. Who knows, maybe my short guide will motivate you to buy a guitar and start practicing? Let’s get into it!

Benefits Of Playing Guitar

1. Confidence

Is guitar good for your brain? Yes! It boosts confidence.

According to this study, playing music can significantly boost your self-esteem. Based on my experience, I can totally agree with the result of this research. In fact, when I was a teenager and before I started playing the guitar, I was a really shy person. I had no confidence at all and it was even tough for me to speak to strangers! Nevertheless, the guitar completely changed my life. Once I started playing the guitar and became good at it, the boost of confidence was extraordinary. So if you are struggling with being confident or you know someone who could use a little help with that, the guitar will be a great solution!

2. Strong Fingers

Is guitar good for your brain? Yes! Is it good for your body? Also yes! You’ll notice that after a few months of practicing, your arms and fingers will get much more flexible and stronger. Although bear in mind that the beginning can be really tough for your fingers. Since they’re not used to pressing strings, they will hurt and bleed. Of course, if it really hurts, you need to take a break. But if it’s just a slight discomfort, try to practice anyway. In a few weeks the pain will go away and your fingers will be much more stronger than before!

Science Behind Guitar Playing

3. Creativity

According to this research, playing instruments can help children with creativity and memory. This is absolutely true, because opening yourself for new experiences always boosts your ability to be more creative. Even if you’re just starting, I highly recommend trying writing your own songs and melodies. You can actually write thousands of songs after learning only a few chords, so the sky is the limit in this case. Undoubtedly, there is no limit when it comes to musical creativity. The more you play, the more creative you get. And what’s important, the creativity also affects other aspects of your life. You’ll notice that your mind is clearer at work and it’s much easier to come up with new ideas. Guitars totally affect our creativity! So if you’re wondering if guitar is good for your brain, I’d say that it’s actually necessary for any lover of music and art.

4. Patience

Guitar affects patience

Playing guitar definitely teaches you patience. Trust me, you will have to spend dozens of hours on practice to become a good guitarist. And in the end, you will never stop learning. Although I’ve been playing for more than thirteen years, I still learn something new everyday. I like to think about guitar playing as an endless marathon. You keep on running, but there is no finish line. Although in the end, it’s very rewarding. There is something really cool about the feeling when you can finally smoothly play a guitar solo that you’ve been practicing for months. Undoubtedly, there is a between making progress on musical instruments and patience.

5. Stress Relief

According to Liverpool Academy of Music, instruments tend to have an incredible healing potential. When we get lost in music, we stop thinking about our problems. Guitars are definitely helpful when you’re feeling stressed or down. There is something unique about that. I remember that every time that my heart was broken, songwriting really helped me with getting through it. What’s more, playing a few simple chords or melodies after a stressing day at work also does wonders. I totally agree with the researchers from Liverpool, the guitars are absolutely great for your mental health!

6. Being Attractive

Photo of a guitarist and a woman

That’s something we’re all aware of – guitar players are generally considered as more attractive among women. In fact, a lot of beginners start playing just because of that fact! What’s important, this also proven by official research. The study published in Psychology of Music indicates that holding a guitar, not even playing it, significantly improves your chances of being attractive in eyes of women! You can read the whole study here. Long story short, women tend to associate music with intellectual ability and genetic advantage. I don’t recommend playing guitar just to be more attractive, but if that’s the case – it will undoubtedly help with that!

7. Bye, Anxiety!

According to, making music is a really powerful antidepressant. Since playing guitar significantly affects a lot of things in your life, such as creativity, patience and confidence, it also works well for depressive episodes and social anxiety. Of course, depression is a medical illness and you can’t replace the treatment with just playing guitar. But it is scientifically proven that playing instruments can improve your overall mental health. Most importantly, music helps you to connect with your emotions, open up and understand yourself and your problems. The boost of serotonin while playing also brings a good mood when you’re feeling down.

What’s interesting, a lot of great musicians tend to be really shy. And that’s completely okay! Guitar helps you to accept everything and just be yourself. In my case, playing guitar definitely affected my anxiety and problems with social interactions. After a while, they weren’t problems anymore! So if you’re asking if guitar is good for your brain, the answer is absolutely. Nevertheless, depression and anxiety are serious problems that really affect our lives. If you’re feeling really down, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Feel free to check out this site to find more information about depression and what you can do to start feeling better.

Is Guitar Good For Your Brain? Summary.

As you can see, playing guitars has a lot of great benefits. It’s actually crazy how much a single guitar can change in your life. In my opinion, starting a musical journey can totally improve your life on every ground. You will become more positive, more confident and more creative. You will be more attractive in the yes of opposite sex and you won’t be that stressed anymore. The only disadvantage is that your fingers will hurt a lot at the beginning. Well, you can live with that, right? If you’re thinking about getting a guitar and changing your life for better, don’t wait anymore. Buy a guitar now!

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