Guitarist Gift Ideas – What To Buy?

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Looking for guitarist gift ideas? You’re in the right place. We all love receiving gifts! Whether it’s your birthday or Christmas, it’s always nice to receive something cool. Right? It’s even better when the gift is functional. As a long-time guitarist, I received a lot of unwanted presents. Well, maybe “unwanted” is not the right word. More like not useful. Hence, I exactly know what are the best gifts for guitarists. I guarantee that if you buy one of these gifts for a guitarist, they will be truly happy. In fact, you don’t have to know a lot about guitars to find really amazing gift. Let’s rock n’ roll!

12 Guitarist Gift Ideas

1. Guitar strings. We all need guitar strings!

Guitar Strings - one of the best guitarist gift ideas
Guitar Strings (Amazon)

Firstly, it’s the most obvious present. Trust me, guitar strings do break from time to time. There is nothing worse than a broken string and a lack of an additional string set. Certainly, buying guitar strings for a guitarist is a good option. Although it may not be a super exciting present, it’s definitely a safe option. If you decidee to choose guitar strings as a gift, feel free to check out my guide – top guitar strings recommendations.

2. Guitar strap. Especially vintage. Really safe guitarist gift idea!

vintage strap
Vintage Strap (Amazon)

If your child, partner or uncle is a passionate musician, they will absolutely love a new guitar strap. It’s a really important accessory. Why vintage? Well, vintage straps are just classic. These colorful and jacquard straps will definitely bring a smile on a guitarists face. What’s more, you don’t even have to worry what guitar that person is playing. Whether it’s bass, acoustic or electric, the straps usually fit to all of guitar sizes. I actually created a short guide on the best vintage guitar straps. Similarly as guitar strings, guitar straps are usually not that expensive. It’s a great gift!

3. Guitar cable.

guitar cable - a perfect guitarist gift
Guitar Cable (Amazon)

This one’s for musicians who like to play live. Find out if your favorite guitarist is plugging in into an amp. If so, a guitar cable will be a really good gift. Even if they do have a cable, they can always use it as a backup. Trust me, it is really easy to forget it. Especially if someone’s rehearsing in various different rehearsal spaces. Out of my experience, this is a really solid gift. Just don’t buy the cheapest available cable – their quality is usually not the best.

4. Guitar Lessons – a guitarist gift idea for amateur players.

This one’s aimed mainly at beginner guitarists. Learning how to play guitar is not an easy job. You have to be really patient and consistent. Sometimes, we really struggle with pushing to be a better musician. Hence, buying a guitar course or a few online lessons can be a really good gift. Undoubtedly, Fender Play lessons will do the job. It’s an awesome guitarist gift idea!

5. Effect Pedal.

Ibanez Pedal (Amazon)

Certainly, most of guitarists are using effect pedals. Although, if you decide to use it as gift, you need to do some research. Firstly, you need to find out what pedals your fellow guitarist might be using. There is a wide range of effects available on the market and each one of them is suitable for different kind of music. If you the person you’re buying this gift for likes indie music, you can have a look at reverb, chorus and vibrato pedals. If they’re into classic rock or more heavier stuff, you should look at distortion and fuzz pedals. As you can see, it requires a little bit more knowledge from you. Nevertheless, if you find a pedal that will be great for that specific person, trust me. They will be so happy!

6. A pedalboard.

wood pedalboard
Wood Pedalboard (Amazon)

Again, this one’s aimed at musicians who are mainly into electric guitars. If you know that your musician is into effect pedals, find out if they own a pedalboard. True fact: without the board, things get really messy. This tiny thing helps us to keep everything under control. Most of cheap pedalboards are made of aluminium. Although to most prestigious models are made out of wood. They tend to be a little more expensive, but they offer an amazing quality. It will be definitely a really exceptional gift. If you want to read more about pedalboards made of wood, check out my guide under this link.

7. Vinyl records – a personalised guitarist gift idea.

Since we’re all passionate guitarists, we love music. Although we’re living in a digital world, a big chunk of us still appreciates physical records. Figure out what are the favorite bands of that guitarist and try to come up with a list of their favorite album. I guarantee that they will be satisfied once they see a record of their beloved band! Important: I don’t recommend buying CDs as a gift. Their popularity is rather low these days. On the other hand, the vinyl is officially back. As a proof, check out the stats below that show the sales of U.S vinyl albums. Crazy, right?

Vinyl record is a great guitarist gift idea
Source: Statista

8. Headphone Amp.

vox amp
Vox Amp (Amazon)

Another great gift which will be ideal for both beginner and advanced musicians. We all need to practice. This tiny thing allows us to learn new riffs without waking up the neighbors. What’s more, it’s not too expensive. Feel free to check out pricing and more detailed description of the most affordable headphone amp on Amazon. Indeed, it’s a really good guitarist gift idea.

9. Music T-shirt.

T-shirt - Guitarist Gift Idea
Jimi Hendrix T-shirt (Society6)

Fact: we all love wearing shirts with a logo of our favorite band. Hence, such T-shirt can be a really good (and affordable) gift for any occasion. All you need to do is to find out which band will be the best. If you really don’t know who is their favorite guitarist, you can just choose a shirt with a legendary guitarist on it. Here’s the link to that really cool and great looking T-shirt visible above. It’s Jimi Hendrix. Overall, looks great, right?

10. Music books.

Music Book
Music book (Amazon)

A biography of of a favorite musician can be a really great and safe gift for a guitarist. Again, it all depends on the genre of music that they’re into. If someone would buy me a biography of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, I would be blown away. This is such a cool present! Nevertheless, it requires a little bit of research from your side. Find out who they like and take it from there. Out of my experience, there are plenty of great music books on Amazon. For example this paperback book about legendary guitar heroes. I’m sure that they will be happy with this extra knowledge. Although it would be best to do some extra research and really find out which musical book will be the best for that specific person.

11. Guitar Case.

Gig Bag (Amazon)

This gift is recommended only for guitarists who don’t own a guitar case or a gig bag. Undoubtedly, we don’t need two of them. Still, it can be a really good present. For example, here’s a great and affordable guitar gig bag on Amazon. If you know that they do not have it, you should definitely consider this gift. In the end, they need to keep their guitar safe if they want to become a world-famous musician!

12. Home Decor.

Too many Guitars pillow - great guitarist gift idea
Too many guitars pillow

Getting a decorative pillow is also a really cool present. There are so many funny and great looking pillows online! For example the pillow visible above on the picture. Or this amazing Nirvana pillow. Again, you can get really creative with this. It could a poster, an art print or even tapestry. I highly recommend checking out the home decor available under these links. I’m sure that you will find something that will be a perfect fit for your favorite guitarist.

Guitarist Gift Ideas – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing guitarist gift ideas. I guarantee that if you choose any of these twelve things, the receiver of this present will be really happy. In addition, it will really prove that you did your research. Certainly, you should aim for highly personalized gifts.

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