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Fender Pro Junior IV – Is It Good? [REVIEW]

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If you’re thinking about getting the Fender Pro Junior IV and you’re not sure if it’s a good tube amp or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right part of the Internet! In today’s in-depth review, I’m going to take a really close look on that popular combo. Many guitarists claim that it’s one of the best tweed amps out there, but is it actually that good?

The truth is that Fender Pro Junior IV offers a really good value for the money. It’s a simple combo, but it’s very functional and it sounds amazing. Whether you’re looking for an amp for home practice or studio recording – this model will do the job.

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what exactly makes the Fender Pro Junior IV so good and so popular. Firstly, we’ll have a look at the detailed specifications and the main advantages of that tube combo. Additionally, we’ll see if it has any cons as well. Of course, you’ll also be able to hear how it sounds!

Specs & Pricing

Fender Pro Junior IV

One of the most popular Hot Rod series amps recommended for both guitar noobs and guitar pros. See specs and compare prices below.

Fender Pro Junior IV is a tube amplifier suitable for the most demanding guitarists out there. This tweed combo has everything that you need to efficiently practice, play gigs and record in the studio. And in fact, it’s one of the most popular tube amps made by Fender!

What makes it so cool? Well, this particular model features 15 Watts of power, a great sounding 10″ Jensen P10R speaker, a simple 2-knob control set and a beautiful vintage lacquered Tweed cabinet.

The manufacturer also equipped this model with high quality tubes: two 12AX7 preamp tubes, two EL84 power tubes and one solid-state rectifier. This stuff guarantees an oldschool, touch-sensitive tube amp sound.

It is also worth mentioning that the Pro Junior IV looks amazing from the outside too. There’s something really cool about that design. If you’re into oldschool gear and you like the look of chickenhead knobs, stitched leather handles and ’50s-era grille cloths, you’re going to fall in love with that combo.

When it comes to pricing, it’s not exactly cheap. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most affordable high-end tube amps made by this legendary manufacturer. In comparison with other much more expensive amplifiers, this one seems to be a great choice for the money. It exceeds all the expectations!

Here’s the sound demo – feel free to check it out below.

Who Is It For?

Fender Pro Junior IV is suitable for both amateur and more intermediate guitar players. It doesn’t really matter how advanced you are on the guitar – you will definitely appreciate the high quality tone that this combo can produce.

This combo will be an ideal choice for anyone who’s searching for a great sounding tube amp for home practice, studio sessions and live performances. It sounds especially great during gigs, so you can easily take it on tour with you. What’s more, it works really well with additional pedals as well.

Although it’s not a cheap amp, it’s not as expensive as some other tube amps made by Fender. That being said, it falls somewhere in the mid-range and it’s not overpriced at all. In my opinion, it’s worth every cent!

Summing up, this combo will be perfect for:

  • both amateur and more advanced players
  • anyone who’s searching for a high quality tube tone
  • home practice, rehearsals, live gigs and studio recordings

Overall, Fender Pro Junior IV is an excellent tube combo that will be loved by the vast majority of guitar players. It has the classic Fender tube sound – and that’s what really matters in the end.

Here’s an another sound demo.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

When it comes to disadvantages of that combo, there’s not much to complain about. This is a really well made amp, so it’s really unlikely that you’ll experience any factory flaws.

All of the cons of that amp are really subjective. It’s a superb piece of gear, but if you’re searching for a larger amp with a 3-band EQ and built-in reverb, you may think that this combo is not good enough for you.

fender pro junior iv review

Bear in mind that this amp has a really simple knob control set, so there’s not much to play around with – no reverb or anything similar. This is a big advantage for a lot of guitar players, because it makes this amp really easy to use, but other guitarists may consider it as a disadvantage.

Additionally, some guitarists may consider the Fender Pro Junior IV as a pretty expensive combo. I think that it all depends on your own preferences and I don’t think that it’s overpriced, although you may have a different view on that.

Also, there’s no headphone jack, so you can’t use it quietly without annoying any of your neighbors. Nevertheless, tube amps aren’t designed to work that way – they’re designed to rock and they sound best at high volumes!

Fender Pro Junior IV vs Blues Junior IV

Many guitarists wonder whether they should choose the Pro Junior IV or Blues Junior IV. The truth is that both of these amps are fantastic, but they sound slightly different. In the end, it all comes down to what you like and what you want to play.

Fender Blues Junior IV

One of the most popular mid-range tube amps made by Fender. Maybe it’s not as good as high-end ’64 Princeton Reverb, but it’s still awesome!

If you want to read more about the Blues Junior IV, I recently wrote a separate article about it. You can check it out here: Fender Blues Juniov IV – Is It Good? [REVIEW]

Alternatively, you can watch the video which compares the sound of both of these amps – check it out below.

Cheaper Alternatives

If you don’t like the sound of Fender Pro Junior IV or you simply can’t afford it right now, that’s totally fine too! There’s still quite a lot of other good alternative options out there. Of course, it all depends on your personal needs and how much are you willing to spend.

Here’s a few more recommendations based on my own experience.

other amps

Firstly, I highly encourage you to check out the Peavey Classic 30. It’s a really underrated tube combo suitable for the vast majority of music genres. I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite tube amps out there! It’s a perfect choice for anyone who loves to perform live in front of an audience.

Additionally, you can also consider getting the VOX AC30S1. This is a truly iconic model which is used by a lot of professional musicians all around the world. If you’re searching for a high quality tube amp, this is the way to go. Although it’s not cheap, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Alternatively, you can also check out Marshall MG10. This is not a tube amp, but it’s a really cheap amp suitable for home practice. I think that it’s one of the best combos of this type that you can possibly find on the market. It’s inexpensive and it sounds pretty good – who needs anything else?

Want to find out more about Fender amps?

If you want to learn more about the amplifiers made by this legendary guitar brand, you can always visit their official website!


As you can see, Fender Pro Junior IV is a fantastic tube amp. I’m positive that the vast majority of guitarists will be satisfied with the high quality and simplicity of that combo. Although it’s not a cheap piece of gear, in my opinion it’s worth every cent. That’s for sure!

What do you think of that combo? Would you get it for yourself or do you think that it’s overrated? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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