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Fender Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang – Is It Good? [REVIEW]

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fender kurt cobain jag stang review

If you’re wondering if Fender Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang is a good electric guitar or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s in-depth review, I’m going to take a very close look on that unique model. Undoubtedly, it’s one-of-a-kind, but is it actually that good?

The truth is that Fender Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang offers an absolutely amazing quality. It’s a really versatile instrument that can be used in a lot of different styles of music. Whether you’re a fan of Nirvana or not, you will definitely appreciate the high quality of that Fender guitar!

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what exactly makes this guitar so unique and popular. Firstly, we’ll have a look at the specs and the main advantages of that model. Additionally, we’ll see if it has any disadvantages. Of course, there will be a few sound demos included, so you’ll be able to hear how it sounds too.

Specs & Pricing

fender jag stang kurt cobain review

Fender Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang is a high quality electric guitar suitable for the most demanding guitarists out there. It’s a really special model with a really unique body shape – and that’s why it’s so cool!

The guitar features an alder body and a Slim C-shaped maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. What’s important, it also has vintage tuners which allow you to stay in tune without any issues. On top of that, there’s also a 6-Saddle Vintage-style Mustang Tremolo which gives you access to even more interesting tones.

It is also worth mentioning that Fender equipped this model with two really good sounding pickups: Jag-Stang Single-coil and Jag-Stang Humbucker. Whether you’re into clean tones or more distorted sounds, you can be sure that this guitar won’t let you down. It’s a really versatile instrument, so it can be used in a lot of different styles of music.

When it comes to pricing, it’s not exactly a cheap guitar. Nevertheless, it’s still cheaper than some of the high-end Fenders that are made in America. This model is one-of-a-kind, so it’s totally understandable why it’s expensive. That being said, this guitar is definitely not overpriced. It’s definitely worth the money!

Overall, Fender Jag-Stang is an excellent, great looking and great sounding guitar. I’m positive that the vast majority of guitar players will appreciate its high quality, so I highly recommend checking it out.

Here’s the sound demo.

Who Is It For?

Fender Jag-Stang is suitable for both amateur and more intermediate players. No matter how advanced you are on the guitar, you will definitely enjoy the uniqueness of that electric guitar.

As I mentioned before, it’s a really versatile model, so it can be used in a lot of different genres of music. Having a single-coil pickup and a humbucker gives you access to a lot of tonal opportunities. Whether you’re into blues, grunge, rock, indie or metal – you will definitely appreciate the Jag-Stang!

It is also a perfect guitar for any fan of Kurt Cobain. There’s something really cool when you’re playing on a guitar designed by your favorite artists, so if you’re a lover of Kurt and Nirvana, you should definitely consider adding this model to your collection.

Overall, it’s a pretty expensive electric guitar, but it’s worth the money. Considering how versatile, unique and good sounding it is, there’s a high chance that you’re going to immediately fall in love with it.

Here’s an another sound demo.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

It’s really difficult to find any major disadvantages of Fender Jag-Stang, because it’s a really well made guitar. Undoubtedly, it’s really unlikely that you’ll experience any factory flaws in that model.

I think that the disadvantages of that guitar are really subjective. Here’s a few of my thoughts about the potential disadvantages of the Jag-Stang.

Firstly, some people may consider this guitar as overpriced. It seems to be more expensive than other Mexican-made Mustangs or Jaguars from the Player Series, but at the same time – it’s one-of-a-kind. In my opinion, it’s not overpriced, but some guitarists may disagree with me.

Additionally, not everyone will like the look of that guitar. Personally, I think it’s okay, although I have to admit that I prefer the design of a classic Jaguar. Nevertheless, there’s no other guitar like the Jag-Stang, so the look of that guitar can actually be an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Also, bear in mind that this guitar features a 24″ scale length. This means that playing on that guitar is a bit different than playing on a Stratocaster or a Telecaster which usually have 25.5″ scale length. It’s not necessarily a disadvantage, but if you have large hands you may find it uncomfortable to play.

But overall, I’m positive that the advantages of Jag-Stang outweigh the disadvantages of that model. Yes, it’s pretty expensive and it’s possible to pay less for a classic Mustang or Jaguar, but in the end, they’re not as unique as the Jag-Stang.

Alternative Options

If you don’t like the look and sound of Jag-Stang or you simply can’t afford it right now, that’s fine too! There’s still a few other really good electric guitars that also deserve a lot of attention. Of course, it all depends on your budget and your own personal preferences when it comes to guitars.

Here’s a few more models that you can also consider if you’re looking for a reliable and good sounding electric guitar.

Firstly, I highly encourage you to check out the Squier Affinity Stratocaster. This is a really inexpensive and great sounding electric guitar suitable for both beginners and more advanced players. It’s cheap, it looks good and it sounds surprisingly good – isn’t it all that really matters?

Alternatively, you can also check out the Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar. It’s a bit more expensive than the Affinity Strat, but it’s still far more affordable than the Fender Jag-Stang. It may not be as unique, but it’s still a really good choice for guitarists who are looking for a killer axe!

Additionally, if you’re on a really tight budget, you should definitely check out the Squier Bullet Mustang. It’s actually one of the cheapest guitars manufactured by Squier. But the fact that it’s cheap doesn’t mean that it’s bad! I had the pleasure to test it out and it made a really good impression on me. Surely, it’s one of the best cheap guitars that you can possibly find on the market right now.


Where is Fender Jag-Stang made?

Fender Jag-Stang is currently manufactured in Mexico.

Where can I find out more about Fender guitars?

If you want to learn more about this legendary manufacturer of guitars, visit the official website of Fender.


As you can see, Fender Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang is a truly amazing electric guitar. Although it’s a pretty expensive model, it’s definitely worth checking out – especially if you’re a fan of Nirvana! I have no hesitation in recommending this guitar to all musicians who are searching for a high quality guitar.

What do you think about the Jag-Stang? Would you add it to your own collection of guitars? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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