Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Cabinet – Worth It? [REVIEW]

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fender hot rod deluxe 112 cabinet review

If you’re wondering if Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Extenstion Cabinet is worth it or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s in-depth review, I’m going to take a very close look on that popular cab. It’s a really affordable piece of gear, but is it actually worth the money?

The truth is that Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Cab offers a fantastic value for the money. It sounds great, it’s relatively cheap and it’s really well made – and that’s all that really matters.

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what exactly makes the Hot Rod Deluxe 112 cab so good and so popular among the guitarists all around the world. Firstly, we’ll start with a quick overview of the specs. Additionally, we’ll investigate the biggest pros and cons of that cabinet. Of course, there will be a few sound demos included as well!

Specs & Pricing

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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Extension Cab is a high quality cabinet designed for the most demanding gutiarists out there. It works particularly amazing with the Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Deluxe combos, but it can be efficiently used with any rig.

What makes it so cool? Well, it gives you access to the legendary Fender tone! It has 80-Watts of power and a high quality Celestion G12P-80 speaker. What’s important, it also offers the 8-ohm input, so it can be used with amps made by various brands.

It is also worth mentioning that the Hot Rod Deluxe 112 cab is also really well made and it looks fantastic from the outside. The closed-back construction significantly affects the tone of that cab – it’s a bit punchier and it has a lot more pronounced low-end resonance.

When it comes to pricing, it’s not the cheapest extension cab in the world, but it’s still really affordable. Surely, adding it to your rig won’t hurt your budget that much. That being said, this cabinet is definitely worth the money!

Here’s a quick sound demo – feel free to check it out below.

Who Is It For?

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Extension Cabinet is suitable for guitarists of all levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or a professional guitar player – you will definitely notice and appreciate the high quality of that cab.

It is a particularly good choice for everyone who already has a Fender Hot Rode Deluxe or Blues Deluxe combos. This cab works amazingly with these amps!

But even if you have a different combo, you can be sure that this extension cabinet won’t disappoint you. It’s suitable for pretty much all styles of music, so whether you’re into blues, country, rock or indie, this cab will bring out the best of your guitar tone.

The Hot Rod Deluxe 112 is also a fantastic choice for all musicians who are searching for a good and reliable cabinet suitable for gigs.

This is a fantastic piece of gear that can be efficiently used during live performances.

Overall, I’m positive that the vast majority of guitar players will really enjoy using this affordable cab. There’s just not too much to complain about, because it offers a fantastic value for the money! Surely, finding a better extension cab at this price level won’t be that easy.

Pros & Cons

Just like any other cab available at this price level, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 has its own advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry though – it seems pretty clear that it has far more pros rather than cons.


  • Affordable Price
  • Great Tone
  • Solid Construction
  • Looks Fantastic
  • Perfect For Gigs
  • Included Speaker Cable & Dust Cover


  • It’s Quite Heavy
  • It’s Isn’t Ideal For Shredding

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can be considered as major advantages of that cab. It’s affordable, it sounds good, it looks fantastic and it’s ideal for live shows. That’s quite a lot of pros, right?

On the other hand, it’s a pretty heavy cabinet (it weighs around 41lbs). If you want to use it for gigs, just be careful – unloading and carrying it around isn’t that fun. Also, although it offers a really good tone, it isn’t really designed for shredding.

Nevertheless, I still believe that Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 is one of the best 80-Watt cabs that you can potentially add to your rig. That’s why I highly recommend checking it out!

Alternative Options

If you’re not satisfied with the overall quality of this cabinet, that’s totally fine. There’s still quite a lot of other fantastic cabs that also deserve a lot of attention. Of course, it all depends on what kind of music you want to play and how much are you willing to spend.

Here’s a few other cabs that you may also like.

If you don’t really care about the price and you’re looking for something really big and powerful, check out Marshall 1960A. This is one of the coolest and the best sounding cabs for rock and metal. It’s a pretty expensive piece of gear, but it exceeds all the expectations and it’s perfect for live performances.

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Alternatively, if you’re on a really tight budget, perhaps choosing the Harley Benton G212 Vintage will be the most optimal choice for you. This is one of the most affordable cabinets that you can potentially add to your rig. It’s powerful and it’s a really good choice for all rock and metal guitarists out there. Undoubtedly, a lot of you are going to love it!

[lasso ref=”harley-benton-g212-vintage-thomann-nederland” id=”11802″ image_url=”https://thumbs.static-thomann.de/thumb/bdbmagic/pics/prod/198064.jpg” link_id=”19989″]
Want to find out more about Fender?

If you want to learn more about the amps and cabinets manufactured by Fender, make sure to visit their official website.


As you can see, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure Extension Cabinet is an absolutely amazing piece of gear. It’s not too expensive and it sounds really good, so I’m sure that a lot of you will immediately fall in love with it. That’s why I highly recommend checking it out!

What do you think of that cab? Would you get it for yourself? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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