Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster – Is It Good? [REVIEW]

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If you’re wondering if Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster is a good guitar or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s review, we’re going to take a very close look on that guitar to see if it’s worth it. Surely, it’s one of the most expensive Strats by Fender, but is it actually good?

The truth is that Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster offers a truly exceptional quality. Although it’s not a cheap guitar, it will definitely fulfill the needs of the most demanding guitar players.

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what exactly makes this model so good. Firstly, we’ll start with the overview of specs. Of course, there will also be a sound demo, so you’ll be able to hear how it sounds. We will also investigate if there are any good alternatives suitable for people with a lower budget.

Hopefully, today’s review will help you to understand if Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster is made for you or not.

Specs & Pricing

Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster is one of the high-end Strats manufactured by this legendary brand. This guitar has absolutely everything: a stunning look, an incredible tone and a classic aesthetic.

Why is it so good? Well, the guitar has a solid body made of ash wood and a very comfortable Augmented D-shaped maple neck with frets made of stainless steel. In addition, the neck of that guitar has an Ultra Satin finish, which feels extremely smooth. Surely, a lot of guitar players are going to enjoy the feel of that guitar.

The manufacturer decided to equip this guitar with three really special pickups:
Ultra Noiseless Vintage Strat single-coils. This high quality pickup setting gives you access to an indefinite amount of amazing tones. Whether you like playing with a bit of overdrive or you like that iconic quacky Stratocaster tone, you’ll definitely be satisfied.

The guitar is available in a few different color versions, although the picture above shows a 2-Color Sunburst version with a rosewood fingerboard. Fender American Ultra Luxe Strat looks fantastic from the outside – the black headstock really adds a lot of character to that axe, but at the same time it looks very classy.

When it comes to pricing, it’s not cheap. In fact, it’s actually one of the most expensive Strats offered by Fender. Still, this is one of the best Stratocasters in Fender’s offering, so it is not surprising that it costs a lot.

Here’s the official sound demo – feel free to check it out.

Who Is It For?

Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster is made for advanced and professional guitarists who know what they’re looking for. This is a high-end model suitable for studio recordings and live gigs. Of course, amateur players will also enjoy it, so if you’re a beginner with an unlimited budget – go for it!

Three high quality single-coil pickups offer a lot o versatility when it comes to tone, so the Ultra Luxe Strat can be used in a wide range of different genres. Whether you’re into blues, country, rock or indie, you’ll definitely be able to find your favorite tone.

What’s important, there’s also a HSS Ultra Luxe Stratocaster available, so if you’re searching for more punch and you prefer playing with humbuckers, you may enjoy that version a bit more.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster to any guitarist who’s looking for the best Strat available on the market right now. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s an another sound demo.

Disadvantages of Fender American Ultra Luxe Strat

The biggest disadvantage of the Ultra Luxe Strat is the high price. Since it’s an expensive guitar, the expectations are very high. But the truth is that every model from that series is made with a thorough precision and attention to detail.

Of course, every guitarist is different and it’s impossible to please everyone. But if you’re worried about the flaws of that guitar, don’t worry – Fender did an absolutely amazing job with that model.

There is a high chance that this will be one of the best (or actually THE best) Stratocaster that you ever had in your hands. So as you can see, it’s not easy to talk about the cons of that instrument.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you don’t like the look or sound of the Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster, that’s totally fine! There’s a lot of alternatives options out there. Although they are not as good as this particular high-end model, they still offer a great quality.

Firstly, I highly recommend checking out the Fender Vintera Stratocaster. It’s a much more affordable Strat, which features a great tone and feel. I personally used that Strat in the past and I had a lot of fun with it. Although it’s not an American-made Stratocaster (it’s made in Mexico), it’s still a great option for a lot of guitarists.

If you’re searching for something much cheaper, you should also check out the Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster. There’s is a few different versions of that Strat, so I’m sure that all guitarists will be able to find the best option for them. It’s inexpensive, it looks great and it sounds good – who needs anything else? Out of my experience, Squiers require a bit of adjusting at the beginning, but once you set them up, they’re awesome!

Lastly, if you’re looking for the cheapest Strat possible, I highly recommend checking out the Squier Affinity Stratocaster. This is a budget guitar, so it’s not the best instrument in the world, but it does the job very well and it sounds surprisingly good. I’m sure that a lot of beginners are going to love it!

Still, Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster is a truly amazing guitar. If you don’t have the budget for it, it may be a good idea to save up a bit more to eventually get it. There’s a high chance that once you get it, you will never have to search for an another Strat again!


Where is Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster made?

Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster is manufactured in Corona, California.

Does the Fender Ultra series have stainless steel frets?

Yes, Fender guitars from Ultra series have frets made of stainless steel.

When did Fender release the American Ultra Series?

Fender announced the American Ultra Series guitars in November 2019.

Are Fender Noiseless Pickups good?

Fender Noiseless Pickups offer an amazing guitar tone. It is not surprising that Fender decided to use these pickups in the American Ultra Series!


As you can see, Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster is a really special guitar. Although it’s expensive, it definitely deserves to be called as one of the best Strats that are currently manufactured by Fender. I have no hesitation in recommending this model to anyone who’s looking for a high quality and reliable Stratocaster.

What do you think about the Ultra Luxe Strat? Would you call it as your dream guitar? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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