Fender Acoustasonic 15 Amp – How Good Is It? [REVIEW]

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Fender Acoustasonic 15 amp review

If you’re wondering if Fender Acoustasonic 15 is a good guitar amp or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s article, I’m going to take a very close look on that small and affordable combo. It’s really popular, but is it actually good?

The truth is that Fender Acoustasonic 15 offers a very good quality. It’s one of the best small amps of this type that are available on the market right now. On top of that, it’s quite cheap!

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what exactly makes the Fender Acoustasonic 15 so good and popular. Firstly, we’ll start with the specs and the main advantages of that amp. Of course, there will also be a sound demo included too, so you’ll be able to hear how it sounds!

Hopefully, this guide will help you to find out if this amp is a good fit for you and your style of playing.

Specs & Pricing

fender acoustasonic 15 amp review

Fender Acoustasonic 15 is a solid-state amp which features 15 Watts of power and a great sounding 6″ speaker. On top of that, the manufacturer equipped this model with a 3-band EQ and a built-in chorus effect.

What’s important, the amp has the XLR Mic and the 1/4″ Instrument inputs, so it’s perfect for all solo artists who want to sing and play the guitar at the same time.

It is also worth mentioning that the Acoustasonic 15 also features a headphone jack, which allows you to practice quietly without annoying any of your neighbors.

When it comes to pricing, it’s one of the most affordable acoustic amps available on the market right now. It’s not cheapest amp in the world, but considering its relatively low price, it’s definitely worth the money.

Overall, this is a great acoustic combo. In my opinion, it has everything that you need from an amp of that size. It sounds great, it looks good, it’s very functional and it’s not overly expensive. Who needs anything else?

Here’s the official sound demo.

Who Is It For?

This amp will be ideal for both amateur and more advanced players who are searching for a great sounding acoustic amp.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a really versatile combo, so it can be used in a really wide range of different music genres. On top of that, the 3-band EQ and the built-in chorus effect give you access to even more interesting tones. Anyone who loves experimenting with sounds will be satisfied with the Acoustasonic 15!

Since it’s a pretty affordable amp, it’s also suitable for musicians on a really tight budget. The Acoustasonic 15 proves that you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to find a good and reliable acoustic amp.

Overall, I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of guitarists and solo performers will appreciate the high quality of that combo. It’s not the best amp in the world, but it definitely does the job.

Here’s an another sound demo.

Disadvantages of Fender Acoustasonic 15

Although Fender Acoustasonic 15 is generally a really good amp, it’s not the best acoustic combo in the world. It has its own disadvantages, although in my opinion they’re not too serious.

Here’s what you need to know about the potential flaws of this solid state amp.

Firstly, this amp features only 15 Watts of power. Don’t get me wrong – it can still get pretty loud! But if you’re planning on performing in large rooms or outdoors, it may not be enough for you. If that’s the case, you should check out the Fender Acoustasonic 40 – a larger version of that amp.

Additionally, the built-in chorus effect doesn’t sound that good. If you’re a beginner, you probably won’t even notice that. But if you’re a more advanced player, you’ll most likely consider this chorus effect as useless.

Lastly, the Acoustasonic 15 doesn’t feature a reverb effect. Undoubtedly, this amp would be much better with a built-in reverb instead of the built-in chorus!

Summing up, here are the main disadvantages of Fender Acoustasonic 15:

  • it’s not very loud, so it’s not ideal for large performances
  • the built-in chorus effect sounds basic
  • there’s no built-in reverb

Overall, since it’s a pretty affordable amp, there’s not much to complain about. It’s not super loud, but it’s a great combo for the money. I honestly think that it’d be really difficult to find something better at this price level.

Fender Acoustasonic 15 vs Fender Acoustasonic 40

Many guitarists wonder whether they should choose the cheaper Fender Acoustasonic 15 or a bit more expensive Fender Acoustasonic 40. Both of these combos are great, but again – it all depends on your own personal preferences.

I’m personally using the Fender Acoustasonic 40 for small gigs and I have to admit that it works very well and it’s really durable. It’s much louder than the 15-Watt amp, so it gives you ability to perform in larger rooms. On top of that, it has a built-in reverb.

On the other hand, the 40-Watt version is a bit bigger and heavier, so it’s more difficult to carry around.

So which one of them is better? Well, if you’re frequently gigging, you should choose the 40-Watt version. It’s just better for live performances. But if you’re looking for a small combo to practice at home, choose the 15-Watt model!

Here’s my video review of Fender Acoustasonic 40 in case you want to check it out.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you don’t like the sound of Fender Acoustasonic 15, don’t worry! There’s a few other great acoustic amp out there too. Still, it all depends on what you’re looking for and how much are you willing to spend.

Here’s a few other models that definitely deserve a lot of attention as well.

Firstly, you should definitely check out the Fender Acoustasonic 40 mentioned above. This is a great and versatile combo suitable for the most demanding musicians. I personally own that model and I can confirm that it sounds absolutely amazing.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Fishman Pro-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini Amp. It’s not a cheap amp, but it’s battery powered, which means that you can take it anywhere with you! Overall, it’s one of the best acoustic amps available on the market right now, so it definitely deserves a lot of recognition.

Lastly, if you want to find out more about Fender amps, you can also check out my list of 10 Best Fender Amps For Home & Stage Use. I’m sure that you’ll find something for yourself on that list!


Where is Fender Acoustasonic 15 made?

Fender Acoustasonic 15 is manufactured in China.

Where can I find the manual to Fender Acoustasonic 15?

The manual to Fender Acoustasonic 15 can be found here.

Where can I find more information about Fender amps?

If you want to learn more about Fender amps, feel free to visit their official website.


As you can see, Fender Acoustasonic 15 is a really good guitar amp. Although it’s not the best combo in the world, it definitely deserves a lot of attention. I have no hesitation in recommending this model to all musicians who are searching for a good and reliable acoustic guitar amp.

What do you think about that combo? Would you add it to your own gear collection? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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