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10 Easy Phoebe Bridgers Songs To Play On Guitar

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easy phoebe bridgers songs

Diving into Phoebe Bridgers’ music is like exploring a landscape filled with heartfelt emotions, introspective lyrics, and gentle melodies. For guitar enthusiasts, whether beginners or seasoned players, Bridgers’ discography offers a variety of songs that are not only easy to pick up but also deeply rewarding to play. Her tracks are perfect for those who appreciate the subtleties of storytelling through music, paired with the comforting strum of a guitar.

Let’s explore some of Phoebe Bridgers’ most accessible songs for guitar players, complete with chords to guide your journey.

Easy Phoebe Bridgers Songs – List

Moon Song

“Moon Song” stands out for its poignant narrative and delicate melody. It’s a masterclass in expressing vulnerability and complex emotions through music, making it an essential addition to your guitar playlist. The chords are straightforward, allowing players to focus on the emotional delivery of the song.

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Garden Song

“Garden Song” is a mesmerizing blend of introspective lyrics and simple, evocative guitar work. This song is perfect for guitarists looking to add a touch of dreaminess to their repertoire. The gentle strumming pattern mirrors the song’s themes of growth and transformation.

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“Funeral” is a beautifully somber track that showcases Bridgers’ ability to weave storytelling with melody. The guitar chords support the narrative’s introspective depth, making it a fulfilling song to learn and play. It’s a testament to Bridgers’ songwriting prowess, dealing with themes of grief and introspection.

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“Georgia” offers a slightly more upbeat tempo compared to Bridgers’ typically softer tracks. It’s an excellent choice for guitarists looking to explore different dynamics within her music. The chords provide a solid foundation for the song’s catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics.

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Motion Sickness

“Motion Sickness” is one of Bridgers’ more dynamic songs, featuring an engaging melody and relatable lyrics. The guitar work is fun to play, making it a great song for those looking to add some energy to their playing. It’s a standout track that blends emotional depth with musical accessibility.

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Chinese Satellite

“Chinese Satellite” reflects Bridgers’ capacity for combining existential musings with captivating melodies. This track stands out for its introspective lyrics and the emotional depth it conveys, all while maintaining simplicity in its guitar arrangement. It’s a song that challenges players to convey its emotional weight through their performance.

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Scott Street

“Scott Street” is a reflective piece that captures a moment of introspection amidst life’s changes. The acoustic guitar accompaniment perfectly complements Bridgers’ narrative, making it a rewarding song to learn. Its straightforward chord progression invites guitarists to delve into the subtleties of its delivery.

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Savior Complex

“Savior Complex” is hauntingly beautiful, showcasing Bridgers’ ability to craft songs that are both vulnerable and melodically intricate. The guitar parts are gentle and serve as a delicate backdrop to the song’s lyrical themes, offering a nuanced challenge to guitarists aiming to capture its essence.

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The Gold

“The Gold” is a cover that Bridgers makes entirely her own, transforming the original with her unique vocal style and emotional depth. The guitar arrangement is straightforward yet effective, allowing the song’s poignant lyrics to take center stage. It’s a great choice for those looking to explore covers within their practice.

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“Kyoto” is a standout track with its upbeat tempo and vivid storytelling, diverging from Bridgers’ typical ballad style. The song’s energetic guitar riff is as fun to play as it is to listen to, making it a refreshing addition to a guitar player’s Bridgers collection. It demonstrates her versatility as a songwriter and performer.

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About Phoebe

Phoebe Bridgers is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles known for her ethereal indie rock and folk music. Her style is characterized by its emotional depth, with lyrics that explore themes of heartbreak, existential dread, and the human condition, all delivered through her hauntingly beautiful vocal performance.

Bridgers’ music often features sparse, delicate arrangements that build into powerful, cathartic moments, showcasing her ability to blend folk sensibilities with indie rock’s raw energy.

Since her debut in 2017, Bridgers has received critical acclaim for her introspective songwriting and unique sound, earning her a dedicated following and solidifying her position as one of the most compelling voices in contemporary indie music.

What Gear Does Phoebe Use?

Phoebe Bridgers’ unique sound and style are significantly shaped by her eclectic choice of guitars, ranging from vintage acoustics to distinctive electrics. Her collection includes a variety of instruments that contribute to her signature indie folk and rock sound.

Bridgers often plays a B.C. Rich Warlock – Bronze Series, an affordable option known for its dual humbuckers and hardtail bridge, which adds a robust and rich layer to her music. She also uses a B.C. Rich Extreme Warbeast with Floyd Rose, notable for its pointier design and Fishman® Fluence Modern Humbuckers, providing a more extreme edge to her performances.

Another key piece in her arsenal is the Danelectro ’56 Baritone, which is favored for its extended low frequency and iconic lipstick-style pickups, offering a rounded tone that complements Bridgers’ vocals beautifully. The Waterloo WL-14 in jet black, a gift from Conor Oberst, is a prized possession of Bridgers’, featuring a solid spruce top and mahogany sides, which she describes as her favorite new guitar.

Additionally, she uses a Silvertone Vintage 658 1960’s Hollowbody Archtop, modified with a gold-foil pickup for a vintage electric tone, showcasing her preference for warm, resonant sounds.

Bridgers’ collection also includes a unique piece, the Suzuki QC-1 QChord, which is a hybrid between an electric guitar, synth, and keyboard, offering a range of sounds, presets, and rhythms. This diversity in her guitar collection highlights Bridgers’ versatility as an artist and her ability to blend various musical influences into her own distinct sound

Final Thoughts

Phoebe Bridgers’ music offers a deep well of emotional and musical richness for guitar players and music lovers alike. Her songs are a testament to the power of storytelling through music, blending simplicity with profound lyrical themes. For guitarists, Bridgers’ discography is not just a collection of songs to learn but an invitation to explore the depths of emotion that music can convey.

Whether you’re strumming the gentle chords of “Moon Song” or the lively riffs of “Kyoto,” playing Bridgers’ music is an opportunity to connect with the stories and sentiments that make her work resonate with so many.

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