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10 Easy Nickelback Songs To Play On Guitar! (With Chords)

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10 easy nickelback songs

Today’s post is ideal for anyone who’s looking for new tunes to practice – it’s time for some easy Nickelback songs! Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering their tunes, this article is your backstage pass to mastering some of their most popular songs on the guitar.

From the emotive “Far Away” to the anthem-like “How You Remind Me,” we’ve compiled a list of 10 Nickelback hits that are not only iconic but also incredibly easy to play.

Let’s go!


“Photograph” is a standout track from Nickelback, known for its nostalgic lyrics and emotive melody. Ideal for guitarists who appreciate a blend of reflective lyrics with a melodic tune, its simple chord progression and catchy chorus make it suitable for beginners.

The song’s emotional depth offers a rewarding experience for more advanced players, showcasing Nickelback’s talent for creating deeply resonant music.

Check out chords for “Photograph” to delve into this nostalgic journey.

How You Remind Me

“How You Remind Me” stands as an iconic song in Nickelback’s repertoire, a staple in the rock genre. Known for its robust riffs and memorable chorus, the song is perfect for guitarists who enjoy a mix of power and melody.

It features straightforward guitar parts that are accessible for beginners, while its emotional intensity provides satisfaction for more seasoned players.

Check out chords for “How You Remind Me” to add this powerful track to your collection.


“Rockstar” is one of Nickelback’s most famous songs, celebrated for its catchy rhythm and satirical lyrics. The song is an excellent choice for guitarists looking for something fun and easy to play, thanks to its simple chord structure and rhythmic strumming pattern.

It’s an ideal track for beginners eager to play something recognizable, and for those who enjoy a song with a humorous edge.

Check out chords for “Rockstar” to bring some rockstar vibes to your guitar playing.

Far Away

“Far Away” is a beautiful ballad by Nickelback that stands out for its heartfelt lyrics and melodic sound. This song is great for guitarists who prefer slower, more emotive songs.

With its gentle guitar lines and easy chord transitions, it’s particularly suitable for beginners. The song is a testament to Nickelback’s ability to create deeply touching music.

Check out chords for “Far Away” to add this touching ballad to your repertoire.

If Everyone Cared

“If Everyone Cared” from Nickelback is notable for its inspiring lyrics and uplifting melody. It’s a fantastic choice for guitarists who enjoy playing songs with a positive message.

The track features simple guitar parts and a singable chorus, making it accessible for beginner level players. This song showcases Nickelback’s skill in crafting tunes that are not only easy to play but also carry a meaningful message.

Check out chords for “If Everyone Cared” to bring this inspiring song to your guitar sessions.

Savin’ Me

“Savin’ Me” by Nickelback is a compelling track known for its soulful melody and lyrical depth. It’s an excellent choice for guitar players who enjoy songs with a mix of emotional resonance and melodic appeal.

With its straightforward chord progression and memorable hooks, the song is easily approachable for beginners.

Check out chords for “Savin’ Me” to explore this soulful track on your guitar.

Gotta Be Somebody

“Gotta Be Somebody” is a Nickelback song celebrated for its upbeat tempo and hopeful lyrics.

This track is perfect for guitarists looking for an easy yet uplifting song to play. It features easy-to-follow chord patterns and a catchy chorus, making it a great choice for novice players.

The song exemplifies Nickelback’s ability to create music that’s both accessible and emotionally engaging.

Check out chords for “Gotta Be Somebody” to add some optimism to your playing.


“Someday” is another popular track from Nickelback, known for its reflective lyrics and catchy melody.

It’s an ideal song for guitarists who prefer playing tunes that are both easy to learn and emotionally stirring. The song’s simple chord structure and memorable chorus make it a suitable choice for beginners.

Check out chords for “Someday” to incorporate this reflective track into your playlist.

When We Stand Together

“When We Stand Together” by Nickelback is an inspiring song known for its uplifting message and catchy rhythm. It’s a great pick for guitarists who enjoy playing songs with a positive and motivational theme.

The song has an easy chord progression and a rhythmic strumming pattern that beginners will find approachable.

Check out chords for “When We Stand Together to add this motivational song to your guitar repertoire.


“Animals” from Nickelback stands out for its energetic tempo and playful lyrics. This song is a fantastic choice for guitarists looking for something lively and fun to play.

It features straightforward guitar riffs and a catchy chorus, making it accessible for beginners and enjoyable for all skill levels.

Check out chords for “Animals” to bring some high energy to your guitar practice.

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History of Nickelback

Nickelback, a prominent name in the rock music scene, originated in Hanna, Alberta, Canada, in 1995. Founded by Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, Ryan Peake, and then-drummer Brandon Kroeger, the band quickly gained recognition with their distinctive sound, a blend of grunge, post-grunge, and rock.

Their breakthrough came with the release of their third album, “Silver Side Up,” in 2001, which featured the hit single “How You Remind Me.” This track not only topped charts globally but also solidified Nickelback’s status in the music industry.

Over the years, they have faced both acclaim and criticism, yet their commercial success is undeniable.

With multiple awards and over 50 million albums sold worldwide, Nickelback has left an indelible mark on the rock genre, continually evolving their sound while maintaining a loyal fan base.

Final Thoughts

Jamming to Nickelback’s hits on the guitar isn’t just about strumming chords; it’s a journey through a catalog of songs that have defined a generation of rock music.

Whether you’re echoing the nostalgic vibes of “Photograph” or rocking out to the upbeat rhythms of “Rockstar,” each song offers a unique guitar-playing experience.

So, grab your guitar, check out those chords, and get ready to infuse some Nickelback magic into your musical repertoire!

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