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10 Easy James Blunt Songs To Play On Guitar (With CHORDS!)

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Are you a budding guitarist looking for some easy tunes to add to your repertoire? Look no further! James Blunt, the British singer-songwriter known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, has a collection of songs that are not only beautiful but also beginner-friendly.

Whether you’re serenading someone special or jamming in your room, these 10 easy James Blunt songs will help you master the guitar without the frustration of complex chords and techniques. So, grab your guitar, tune those strings, and let’s dive into the melodious world of James Blunt.

Prepare to impress with these easy-to-learn classics that promise fun, engagement, and a sense of achievement as you strum along.

Easy James Blunt Songs – List

Click on the link if you want to see the chords. You can also scroll down to watch the video lessons.

You’re Beautiful

“You’re Beautiful” is arguably James Blunt’s most iconic track, and for good reason. Its simple chord progression and memorable melody make it a perfect song for beginners to learn. The beauty of this song lies in its emotional depth, which can be conveyed even with the most basic strumming patterns.

Whether you’re playing around a campfire or for an audience of one, “You’re Beautiful” is a song that resonates with listeners and players alike. Ready to make this song your own? Check out the chords and start practicing today.

You’re Beautiful – CHORDS


“Wisemen” showcases James Blunt’s ability to blend catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics. This song features a straightforward chord structure, making it another fantastic choice for beginners. Its gentle rhythm and compelling story told through the lyrics offer a great opportunity to practice your timing and expression.

“Wisemen” is not just a song; it’s a lesson in musical storytelling. Embrace the simplicity of its chords and let the song’s narrative guide your performance.

Wisemen – CHORDS


With its uplifting melody and optimistic lyrics, “High” is a wonderful song for guitarists who are just starting out. The chord progression is easy to follow, and the song’s structure allows for practice in dynamics, going from soft verses to a powerful chorus.

This song is a testament to James Blunt’s ability to create music that’s both easy on the ears and the fingers. “High” is perfect for those looking to add a positive, feel-good song to their playlist.

High – Chords

Goodbye My Lover

“Goodbye My Lover” offers a slightly different challenge with its deeply emotional resonance. This ballad’s simple chords allow the player to focus on conveying the song’s heartfelt sadness through their playing.

It’s an excellent piece for working on expressiveness and dynamics, as the intensity of the music ebbs and flows with the lyrics. “Goodbye My Lover” is a beautiful, soul-stirring song that will help any beginner connect more deeply with their instrument.

Goodbye My Lover – Chords


The song “Monsters” stands out for its touching message and minimalistic arrangement. It’s a relatively newer addition to James Blunt’s discography but retains the simplicity and emotive power of his earlier works.

The chords are straightforward, making it accessible to beginners, and playing it can be a powerful exercise in conveying emotion through music. This song is an invitation to explore the depths of storytelling with just a few chords and heartfelt lyrics.

Monsters – Chords


“1973” is a nod to the retro vibe and is as enjoyable to play as it is to listen to. Its catchy rhythm and simple chord progression make it a standout choice for guitarists looking to add some nostalgic flair to their repertoire. This song allows beginners to experiment with strumming patterns and rhythms, making it a fun and educational piece to master.

The easy-going vibe of “1973” is perfect for those moments when you just want to lose yourself in the music and reminisce about the good old days.

1973 – Chords

Same Mistake

Dive into the reflective lyrics and gentle melody of “Same Mistake”. This song provides an excellent opportunity to practice maintaining a steady rhythm while playing chords that evoke a deep emotional response. It’s a beautiful piece that challenges beginners to express vulnerability through music, making it a valuable addition to any guitarist’s collection. “Same Mistake” is not just a song; it’s a journey into introspection, guided by your guitar.

Same Mistake – CHORDS

Bonfire Heart

“Bonfire Heart” is an anthem of love and connection, featuring upbeat rhythms and an infectious chorus. The chord progression is straightforward, yet playing this song offers a joyful challenge to keep the energy up and convey the warmth of its lyrics. It’s an ideal song for social gatherings or personal enjoyment, reminding us of the bonds that music can create. “Bonfire Heart” is a testament to the power of a simple song to uplift and unite.

Bonfire Heart – CHORDS


“Postcards” brings a cheerful, upbeat energy that’s contagious. With its easy chords and buoyant rhythm, it’s perfect for guitarists looking to add some sunshine to their playlist. This song is a great way to practice playing and singing simultaneously, as the straightforward chord changes allow you to focus on your vocal delivery. “Postcards” is a delightful reminder of the joy and lightness that music can bring into our lives.

Postcards – CHORDS

Stay The Night

Closing out our list is “Stay The Night”, a song that embodies the spirit of adventure and spontaneity. Its lively tempo and easy chord structure make it an excellent choice for those looking to play something energetic and uplifting. This song is a great way to round out your repertoire with a piece that’s both fun to play and listen to. “Stay The Night” encourages guitarists to embrace the joy of the moment and the freedom of musical expression.

Stay The Night – CHORDS

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the journey of learning guitar can be filled with challenges, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. These 10 easy James Blunt songs are not just a way to build your skills; they’re an invitation to explore the emotional depth and joy that music can offer. Each song, with its unique melody, rhythm, and lyrics, provides a valuable learning experience and the chance to connect with listeners on a personal level.

Remember, the goal is not just to play music, but to feel it and share it. So, tune your guitar, pick a song, and let the music flow. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to expand your musical horizons, James Blunt’s songs are a beautiful place to start. Happy strumming!

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