15 Easy Iron Maiden Songs To Play On Guitar (+TABS!)

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easy iron maiden songs
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If you’re searching for some easy Iron Maiden songs to learn and play on your guitar, don’t worry – we got you covered! In today’s article, we’re going to highlight the best sounding and easiest tunes by this legendary band.

Iron Maiden is an absolutely legendary heavy metal band that significantly contributed to the growth of the metal genres. Their music is often associated with heavy riffs and fast solos. The band released seventeen albums so far, so as you can imagine – they recorded a lot of songs. And not many people know that some of their riffs and tracks are actually pretty easy to play!

Here’s a list of tracks that you can practice on your own. Feel free to check out the tabs on the right. If you prefer video lessons, go to the next section of the article below.

Easy Iron Maiden Songs – List

Iron Maiden – The TrooperTABS
Iron Maiden – Run To The HillsTABS
Iron Maiden – The Writing On The WallTABS
Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The OperaTABS
Iron Maiden – Fear Of The DarkTABS
Iron Maiden – Dance Of DeathTABS
Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy NameTABS
Iron Maiden – Children Of The DamnedTABS
Iron Maiden – PowerslaveTABS
Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes To MidnightTABS
Iron Maiden – Wasted YearsTABS
Iron Maiden – Darkest HourTABS
Iron Maiden – Afraid To Shoot StrangersTABS
Iron Maiden – Hell On EarthTABS
Iron Maiden – Aces HighTABS

For The Biggest Fans Of Iron Maiden

1. Iron Maiden – The Trooper

One of the most popular songs written by Iron Maiden. I’m sure that you heard this iconic riff before! It’s pretty fast, so it may seem difficult for beginners, but it’s actually pretty simple. I highly recommend checking out the lesson above. Whether you have an acoustic or an electric guitar, you should be able to pick it up really quickly.

2. Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Another amazing and easy song by Iron Maiden. Run To The Hills is another example of a song that doesn’t require advanced guitar skills and at the same time – it sounds awesome. Both lead and rhythm parts are not too difficult and it’s only a few single notes or power chords.

If you’re an absolute beginner, I highly recommend watching the guitar lesson shared above. I think that it’s a great introduction to playing this band’s music.

3. Iron Maiden – The Writing On The Wall

Learning this song from start to finish won’t be an easy task – there are a lot of different guitar parts to figure out. Nevertheless, this detailed lesson (it’s almost one hour long!) explains everything very thoroughly.

It’s a relatively new song, so there’s a high chance that you haven’t heard it before. Still, it’s really worth to add it to your own setlist – it will definitely help with improving your accuracy and speed levels.

4. Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom Of The Opera is another really cool song by Iron Maiden than features a not too complicated main riff which is worth learning. Although this track is over forty years old, it still delivers a powerful message and it’s a great source of inspiration.

I have to admit that this is one of the more difficult songs on today’s list, so don’t worry if you can’t figure out how to play it yet – you’ll get there!

5. Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark

Another iconic song by Iron Maiden. Fear Of The Dark is one of the most popular heavy metal songs learned by a wide range of guitarists. In fact, knowing this song is an absolute must for any lover of this music genre.

The lesson above will definitely help you with learning the main riff and melody. The tabs are included in the video, so feel free to check them out.

6. Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death

What a great tune for amateur guitar players! The main riff almost sounds like an exercise, so it will definitely be helpful for improving your accuracy on the fretboard. In addition, the solo section is pretty simple as well, so you shouldn’t experience too many problems while learning it.

The tabs are included in the video above. And based on my own experience, Dance Of Death also sounds awesome when you play it on an acoustic guitar. So I highly recommend trying it out!

7. Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name

Another great hit by Iron Maiden. There are a lot of different guitar parts in this song, but in general, they’re pretty simple. Some of the solo parts may be too difficult for absolute beginners, but they generally follow the same patterns.

It’s not the easiest song on today’s list, so don’t stress out if it’s too difficult for you. That’s totally normal! But I guarantee that once you be able to play it from start to finish, you’ll be really proud of yourself.

8. Iron Maiden – Children Of The Damned

Children Of The Damned is a truly beautiful ballad. The main riff sounds awesome on both acoustic and electric guitars. Again, there’s a few different guitar parts in that track but similarly as before, they’re not too complicated.

I’m sure that you will be able to learn this track from start to finish (without solo – it’s challenging even for more intermediate players). The lesson above explains everything very thoroughly, so you should definitely watch it.

9. Iron Maiden – Powerslave

Powerslave features a really cool and uncomplicated heavy metal riff. The lesson above focuses only on the rhythm part, which is totally worth learning. This riff sounds awesome on an electric guitar with a lot of distortion! Undoubtedly, any fan of heavy metal will enjoy playing this guitar part.

10. Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes To Midnight

2 Minutes To Midnight by Iron maiden features a classic heavy metal riff which is really easy and fun to play. To be honest, a lot of songs in that genre use the same picking pattern. That’s why it’s crucial to learn it – once you figure it out, it will open the doors to a lot of different tunes.

11. Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

The lesson above features an acoustic guitar, but the main riff of Wasted Years sounds awesome on the electric guitar too. It may sound difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy to play. I highly recommend checking it out, it’s actually one of my favorite songs by Iron Maiden! In addition, it will definitely improve your picking accuracy and speed skills.

12. Iron Maiden – Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is another cool ballad by Iron Maiden which is relatively easy to play. Again, there’s a few different sections in there so you’ll need to spend a few hours to figure out how to play it from start to finish. But the song itself is not that difficult and it’s recommended even for less advanced players.

The tabs are included in the video above. In addition, the intro riff is also a great exercise. Once you learn how to play it, try to play it a bit faster and use it to practice your accuracy skills – it will definitely improve your overall skillset.

13. Iron Maiden – Afraid To Shoot Strangers

Another great and easy song by Iron Maiden. The melody in this song is truly beautiful. It’s amazing how a few simple notes can sound so good! I highly recommend watching the video lesson above. Afraid To Shoot Strangers may not be as popular as some of the biggest hits by this band, but it’s definitely worth knowing. Even the solo section is not that complicated in this case!

14. Iron Maiden – Hell On Earth

Hell On Earth is another example of an easy song that sounds absolutely awesome. The intro will be especially good for beginners – it’s only a few power chords and single notes. It shouldn’t cause you any troubles and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it from start to finish.

15. Iron Maiden – Aces High

Aces High comes from Iron Maiden’s fifth album and it’s actually one of their more popular songs. The main riff is absolutely iconic and to be honest, it’s not complicated at all. The lead section may be challenging for absolute beginners, but it’s definitely worth trying. Learning it from start to finish won’t be that easy, but it’s really rewarding!

Are Iron Maiden songs hard to play?

This is a really debatable. The band has released dozens of songs throughout the years and as you can imagine, while some of them are easy, other ones are really difficult to play. Nevertheless, with the right amount of patience and practice, anyone can play their songs.

How hard are Iron Maiden solos?

Beginner guitarists may think that Iron Maiden solos are extremely difficult, but the truth is that they’re on a respectable level of difficulty. In fact, there are a lot of other metal bands who create more complex guitar parts. Nevertheless, the Iron Maiden’s solos can’t be called easy. They require a lot of skills.

What tuning does Iron Maiden use?

Most of songs by Iron Maiden are in standard tuning, although a few of their songs are also in Drop D. While a lot of metal bands experiment with alternate tunings, Iron Maiden usually sticked to the most popular one, which is EADGBE.

What key does Iron Maiden play in?

Iron Maiden usually plays in E minor, although it’s not always the case. In general, the band seems to prefer minor keys rather that major keys.

Who is the best guitarist in Iron Maiden?

Although all guitarists in Iron Maiden are extremely talented, Dave Murray seems to be the best player among them. To be honest, it’s not always about being very fast and accurate with guitar techniques – it’s also about creativity. And as you can imagine, Dave is a truly creative artist!


I hope that you took your time and you checked out the tabs and video lessons above. Now you know that some songs by Iron Maiden aren’t actually that difficult to play! If you’re still struggling, don’t worry – come back to this article in a few weeks or months and try again. Becoming a better guitar player requires a lot of patience and regular practice.

Which Iron Maiden song is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, I’m really curious! Thanks for checking out this article. If you enjoyed it and you want to learn more easy tracks, you may also like: