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10 Easy Dolly Parton Songs To Play On Guitar (+CHORDS!)

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10 easy dolly parton songs to play on guitar

This guide is dedicated to exploring the beauty and simplicity of ten easy Dolly Parton songs. From the hauntingly beautiful “Jolene” to the uplifting “9 to 5,” each song offers unique chords, rhythms, and stories that resonate with guitarists and music lovers alike.

So grab your guitar, and let’s embark on a melodious journey with the iconic Dolly Parton!

You can find the links to chords down below.


“Jolene” is one of Dolly Parton’s most iconic songs, known for its captivating melody and compelling narrative. The song’s simple chord progression makes it a great choice for guitarists, especially beginners.

The emotional depth in Dolly’s storytelling, where she pleads with Jolene not to take her man, is both powerful and relatable.

With its easy strumming pattern and the hauntingly beautiful chorus, “Jolene” is a must-learn for anyone keen on playing folk and country tunes.

Check out chords for “Jolene” to start strumming along with this classic tune.

9 to 5

“9 to 5” is a lively and upbeat anthem about the working life. It’s celebrated for its catchy rhythm and relatable lyrics.

This song is perfect for guitarists who enjoy a bit of country-pop flair. Its energetic strumming pattern and memorable hooks make it an enjoyable experience for players of all levels.

Dolly Parton’s unique blend of humor and reality in “9 to 5” resonates well with audiences worldwide.

Check out chords for “9 to 5” to bring this energetic tune to life on your guitar.

I Will Always Love You

The ballad “I Will Always Love You”, famously covered by Whitney Houston, is a testament to Dolly Parton’s exceptional songwriting skills.

Known for its heartfelt lyrics and melodious tune, this song is a beautiful piece to play on the guitar, especially for those who appreciate an emotional performance.

It’s a fantastic choice for guitarists due to its melodic structure and gentle chords.

Check out chords for “I Will Always Love You” to experience the emotional depth of this song on your guitar.

Coat of Many Colors

“Coat of Many Colors” tells a touching story from Dolly’s childhood, highlighting her skillful storytelling.

It’s renowned for its simple melody and chord structure, making it an excellent choice for beginner guitarists.

The song conveys a powerful message with a gentle, folk-country tune that is both easy and enjoyable to play.

Check out chords for “Coat of Many Colors” to start playing this heartfelt song.

Islands in the Stream

A famous duet with Kenny Rogers, “Islands in the Stream” offers guitarists a chance to play a classic pop-country tune.

This song is celebrated for its uplifting melody and harmonious duet style. It’s a great choice for guitar players looking to explore dynamic rhythms and chord transitions.

The song’s blend of pop and country elements makes it a fun and engaging piece to learn.

Check out chords for “Islands in the Stream” to enjoy playing this popular duet.

Here You Come Again

“Here You Come Again” mixes pop and country elements to create a catchy and inviting tune.

It’s known for its bright melody and Dolly’s signature vocal style. For guitarists, this song offers a delightful experience with its engaging chord progressions and rhythmic strumming.

The song’s blend of genres makes it a versatile and enjoyable choice for players with varied musical tastes.

Check out chords for “Here You Come Again” to start playing this charming mix of pop and country.

Two Doors Down

The upbeat track “Two Doors Down” showcases Dolly Parton’s skill in creating catchy, relatable songs.

The song is perfect for guitarists who enjoy a lively tempo and joyful chords. Its straightforward structure and memorable chorus make it an excellent choice for both beginner and intermediate players.

This song is a testament to Dolly’s ability to craft tunes that are both fun and easy to sing along to.

Check out chords for “Two Doors Down” to add this upbeat song to your repertoire.

Hard Candy Christmas

Often considered a Christmas song, “Hard Candy Christmas” is actually a beautiful ballad that resonates well beyond the holiday season.

Its gentle melody and reflective lyrics offer a different side of Dolly Parton’s songwriting. This song is ideal for guitarists who enjoy playing soulful and emotive music.

It features simple chords and a soothing rhythm, making it accessible for players of all levels.

Check out chords for “Hard Candy Christmas” to experience this poignant ballad on your guitar.

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

“Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” is a great choice for those who enjoy blending classic country sounds with a bluesy undertone. This song showcases Dolly’s versatility as a songwriter and performer.

Its rich melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a rewarding piece to learn on the guitar. The song’s structure allows for both rhythmic strumming and expressive fingerpicking.

Check out chords for “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” to delve into this soulful country-blues tune.

Love is Like a Butterfly

The gentle and poetic “Love is Like a Butterfly” reflects Dolly’s softer, more introspective side.

Known for its delicate melody and metaphorical lyrics, this song is enjoyable to play on the guitar, offering a chance to explore subtle strumming and fingerstyle techniques.

It’s an excellent piece for those seeking to express the more tender aspects of country music.

Check out chords for “Love is Like a Butterfly” to bring this lyrical piece to life on your guitar.

For those who are looking for more easy songs to play, check out the songs by Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, Oasis and The Beatles.

Final Thoughts

Each song we’ve delved into offers its own unique charm and challenge, making them perfect for guitarists of all levels.

Whether it’s the soul-stirring “I Will Always Love You” or the joyful vibes of “Two Doors Down,” Dolly’s music transcends time and genre, making every guitarist’s repertoire richer and more diverse.

So continue to strum those strings, delve into these timeless tunes, and let Dolly’s music inspire your guitar-playing journey.

Remember, each chord you play is a step closer to capturing the essence of the incredible legacy left by Dolly Parton, a true legend in the world of music.

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