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Daisy Rock Guitars – Are They Good? [2022 REVIEW]

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daisy rock guitars review

If you’re wondering whether Daisy Rock guitars are good or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s review, we’re going to take a close look on this brand to see what makes them so popular. Their guitars are really affordable, but are they actually worth it?

Yes! Daisy Rock manufactures really interesting guitars which are specifically designed for young female players. In comparison with regular guitars, Daisy Rock models have thinner necks, thinner bodies and shorter scales. As a result, they’re really easy to play and they’re really comfortable for players with smaller hands.

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out more about this brand and their guitars. Firstly, we’ll start with a list of the best Daisy Rock guitars and in the next section, we’ll review each one of them. In addition, we’ll see if these guitars have any disadvantages.

Best Daisy Rock Guitars

1.Daisy Rock Candy CustomSee on Amazon
2.Daisy Rock Debutante Jr. MissSee on Amazon
3.Daisy Rock WildwoodSee on Amazon
4.Daisy Rock Rebel RockitSee on Amazon
5.Daisy Rock PixieSee on Amazon

1. Daisy Rock Candy Custom

daisy rock guitars review - candy custom

A really unique and powerful guitar equipped with two humbuckers which offer a lot of punch. The guitar features a sycamore body and a comfortable maple neck. In addition, it has a 24.75 inch scale, which is slightly shorter in comparison with regular guitars (as an example, a classic Stratocaster has a 25.5″ neck).

Undoubtedly, the Candy Custom model will be an ideal choice for a lot of female guitarists who are looking for a good electric guitar. The minimalist black design with a pink star makes it really eye-catching. What’s more, it’s not that expensive!

Here’s a quick sound demo – feel free to check it out.

2. Daisy Rock Debutante Jr. Miss

daisy rock guitars review - debutante

Another really cool and affordable Daisy Rock guitar – this time it’s the acoustic. Unique design, great sound and low price make it one of the most interesting acoustic guitars for female players.

The guitar features a 23.25 inch scale neck, so it’s a bit shorter than in the previous model. As a result, it’s really comfortable to play. In addition, the guitar is really lightweight and easy to carry around. The manufacturer decided to use Agathis wood to make this model – it’s a really good and durable material.

The Debutante Jr. Miss is available in two color versions: Bubble Gum Pink and Cotton Candy Blue.

Here’s a quick demo.

3. Daisy Rock Wildwood

daisy rock guitars review - wildwood

Daisy Rock Wildwood is another example of a really good and affordable acoustic guitar suitable for girls. The guitar looks great, sounds great and it’s not overly expensive. In fact, it’s built of high quality materials – it has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides.

In comparison with previous models, the Wildwood has even shorter scale (22.75″), which will be perfect for females with smaller hands. Nevertheless, this is not a toy – this is a legit, reliable and well-made instrument.

Undoubtedly, this guitar is a great alternative to a lot of acoustic guitars available on the market right now. Considering how good it is, it’s definitely worth every cent!

4. Daisy Rock Rebel Rockit

rebel rockit

Another really cool guitar manufactured by Daisy Rock. The Rebel Rockit is heavily inspired by a classic Stratocaster – it features a similar shape and a tremolo bridge, but it has a bit different pickguard and headstock.

Although it’s quite expensive, it’s definitely one of the most interesting guitars by Daisy Rock. The guitar is extremely versatile thanks to three Duncan-designed single-coil pickups. Whether you’re into country, blues or hard rock, the Rebel Rockit will definitely be a great choice.

5. Daisy Rock Pixie


One of the most popular and most affordable acoustic guitars offered by Daisy Rock. Low price, great sound and unique look – who needs anything else?

The Pixie is a bit smaller than a regular guitar, so it will be ideal for female guitarists. Due to the compact size, it’s also really lightweight and easy to carry around. What’s interesting, the guitar features a solid spruce top, which is a high-quality material used in a lot of mid-level guitars.

Undoubtedly, it will be a perfect option for a lot of musicians who are looking for a reliable and affordable piece of gear.

Who Are These Guitars For?

Daisy Rock guitars are mainly designed for young female players. Their comfortable construction and unique look, which features a lot of pink and black color, both make them an excellent choice for all girls who want to become musicians.

What’s important, guitars by this brand suitable for both amateur and more advanced players. They’re also really versatile, so they work well in a lot of different genres such as blues, rock, emo, indie or pop-punk.

Each one of their models is a great gift idea. If you have a daughter and you’re looking for an interesting present, getting them a Daisy Rock guitar may be a perfect option. In addition, guitars by this brand aren’t overly expensive, so they’re also great if you’re on a tight budget.

Disadvantages of Daisy Rock Guitars

Although Daisy Rock guitars are perfect for young female players, they may not be the best option for older girls. In the end, at some point it is good to start practicing on a regular-sized guitar.

In addition, stock electronics used in their guitars aren’t ideal for studio recordings. But to be honest, if you’re just starting out, it won’t make any difference and you probably won’t even notice that!

About Daisy Rock

The company was founded in 2000 by Tish Ciravolo, a LA-based bass player and guitar designer. She got inspired by her daughters drawing of a daisy and based on that inspiration, she developed a design of her prototype guitar.

First Daisy Rock guitar debuted at ROCKRGRL conference in November 2000 and it received positive feedback from Courtney Love. Growing popularity of this brand eventually led to a partnership with Alfred Publishing, who became a distributor of these guitars.

The partnership with that distributor ended in 2016 and since then, Daisy Rock signed an agreement with KMC Music. What’s interesting, the new distributor commited to distributing these guitars all around the world.


Are Daisy Rock guitars for kids?

Yes, Daisy Rock guitars are mainly designed for kids and teenagers. Nevertheless, they can also be used by adults with smaller hands. The guitars by this brand have really thin necks, which significantly increases the comfortability of playing.

What size is a Daisy Rock guitar?

Guitars by Daisy Rock feature different sizes, but in general – they’re smaller than regular guitars and they include 22.75″, 23.25″ and 24.75″ neck scales.

Who owns Daisy Rock?

The company is managed by the CEO and Founder Tish Ciravolo. It is also owned by KMC Music, a large distributor of several music brands such as Washburn, Ampeg, Randall or Remo.


As you can see, Daisy Rock is a really interesting guitar brand. Although there are other more affordable options out there, the design of their guitars will definitely be really appealing to young female guitarists.

What do you think about Daisy Rock guitars? Leave a comment below, I’m really interested to hear what you think!

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