Best Humbuckers For Stratocaster – Boost Your Strat With These Pickups

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Today’s article is aimed for everyone who’s looking for the best humbuckers for Stratocaster guitars. As an experienced guitar player, I’ve seen a lot of Stratocasters with poor guitar electronics. Of course, if you’re using a top shelf Fender guitar, you probably don’t need any upgrades. Nevertheless, most of players use cheaper Strats (such as Squier or Mexican Fenders), which could always use some improvement when it comes to pickups. If you’re using a HSS Strat and you’re looking for new tones, check out the list of recommendations below!

Stratocaster Humbuckers – Top Recommendations

1.Seymour Duncan SH-4See on Amazon
2.DiMarzio EvolutionSee on Amazon
3.Seymour Duncan TB-4 TrembuckerSee on Amazon
4.DiMarzio DP155See on Amazon
5.Seymour Duncan SH-1 1959See on Amazon

1. Seymour Duncan SH-4

seymour duncan sh-4

One of the most popular and top rated humbucker pickups available on the market right now. The SH-4 model has everything you need: aggressive harmonics, singing highs and the ideal blend of distortion and sustain. Whether you’re looking for warm tones or raw grunge riffs, the versatility of this model will be perfect for that. Undoubtedly, it’s a great choice for all-level guitarists. On top of that, it’s pretty affordable! I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s a short sound demo and review. It sounds spectacular on a Strat!

2. DiMarzio Evolution

dimarzio evolution pickups

Something for fans of fast riffs and shredding. This particular model was in fact designed for Steve Vai – that explains a lot! In terms of sound, it’s pretty tight, loud and aggressive. In my opinion, the Evolution humbucker adds a lot of character, especially if you’re using a Strat. Although these pickups are originally designed for Ibanez JEMs, I’ve seen a lot of players who effectively use it on a Stratocaster. It’s definitely an unusual combination, but that’s what makes it so cool! See how it sounds below.

3. Seymour Duncan TB-4 Trembucker

seymour duncan trembucker - best humbuckers for stratocaster

Another absolutely great bridge humbucker manufactured by Seymour Duncan. The TB-4 pickup features a lot of versatility – you will be able to achieve a wide range of tones from blues to heavy metal. What’s interesting, it’s actually one of the most popular and affordable humbuckers in the world. It’s a really good choice for any HSS Strat. It’s just really tough to dislike it! The Trembucker never fails. I highly recommend checking out the sound demo below.

4. DiMarzio DP155 Tone Zone

dimarzio dp151

Absolutely special pickup created by DiMarzio. This model offers a really powerful and aggresive, yet sensitive tone. Whether you’re into blues or metal music, the DP155 will definitely make you satisfied. In my opinion, it works particularly well for fat rock n’ roll and grunge riffs. If you’re into this kind of music, you should definitely give the Tone Zone a chance. In addition, it’s pretty affordable in comparison with other top rated humbuckers available on the market. See how it sounds below.

5. Seymour Duncan SH-1 1959

best humbuckers for stratocaster - seymour duncan vintage 1959

Totally amazing humbucker pickup for all lovers of vintage tones. The SH-1 has that really specific and old sound that’s really difficult to describe. If you’re looking for a smooth and warm guitar tone, the Seymour Duncan 1959 will be an ideal choice for you. It works particularly well when it’s combined with a vintage Strat. Whoever says that time traveling is not possible, they’re clearly wrong – when you play with these pickups, it literally feels like you’re living in 50’s. I definitely recommend these pickups for any HSS Strat, you won’t be disappointed! Here’s the official sound demo.


I hope that today’s list will help you with making the right choice! As you can see, there’s quite a few really interesting options out there. If you’re a fan of HSS Strat like me, you will definitely enjoy all five of them. Which ones would I choose as the best humbuckers for a Stratocaster? Well, that’s a really tough choice. I think that all of them are equally awesome. Although I have to say that I’m a huge fan of vintage tones, so I’d probably stick with the option number 5. How about you? Which humbucker pickup would you choose for your Strat? Let me know in the comment section below!

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