Best Guitar for Kids – A Complete Guide for Parents

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Making the right choice when it comes to the best guitar for kids can be really difficult.
Choosing the best guitar for kids can be challenging

If you’re considering buying a guitar for your child, don’t hesitate. It is scientifically proven that learning to play instruments improves abstract reasoning skills and stimulates the brain cells. Kids who learn to play guitar have a perfect outlet for their emotions and creativity. What’s more, when they make progress, they gradually get better at problem solving. Eventually, it leads to better grades at school and in adult life afterwards.

In today’s article I’m going to briefly describe the best (and affordable) acoustic and electric guitars for kids. I will also tell you how much money you should spend to start this musical journey. There are also a few accessories that may be relevant in the future – we’ll cover that too. Let’s rock n’ roll!

Top 5 Best Guitar For Kids (Acoustic):

  1. Yamaha JR1 – Check Pricing on Amazon

    A small guitar ideal for kids. Yamaha is a brand which is very popular among adult guitarists. Additionally, they created a guitar model which is perfect for beginners as a first guitar.
  2. Luna Aurora Borealis – Check Pricing on Amazon

    This small guitar is available in a few very colorful options. There is a pink version available, which is perfect for girls. Similarly, this guitar is also a perfect beginner’s guitar.
  3. Gretsch G9500 – Check Pricing on Amazon

    This Gretsch guitar is perfect for parents who’d like to borrow a guitar from their kid from time to time. The size is smaller than a usual guitar, but the quality is absolutely great. This guitar is available in a vintage sunburst color and it’s made of agathis wood.
  4. Oscar Schmidt OA10CE – Check Pricing on Amazon

    This guitar will be perfect for boys. The minimalist design and black color is definitely eye-catching. Moreover, as a mini auditorium model, this guitar is also perfect for fingerpicking. Your kid is going to love it!

  5. Jasmine S35 – Check Pricing on Amazon

    Another cheap and top-quality for kids. The guitar is made of agathis and spruce wood, which proves that the manufacturer used the best available materials on the market. It also has a big, bold sound – your kid is going to love it!

Top 5 Best Guitar For Kids (Electric):

  1. RockJam RJEG02 – Check Pricing on Amazon

    An electric guitar which is absolutely perfect for beginners. Made of basswood and available in a few funky colors. This bundle gives everything you need to start your kids’ musical journey straight away.
  2. Ibanez Mikro GRGM21 – Check Pricing on Amazon

    This black guitar is perfect for a kid who likes rock n’ roll and some heavier sounds. This instrument features two humbuckers and a really cool ‘Black Night’ color. If you decide to buy this guitar, be careful – it’s going to be loud!
  3. Squier Mini Strat – Check Pricing on Amazon

    Squier by Fender offers one of the best affordable and top-quality guitars not only for kids, but also for more intermediate players. There’s a wide range of colors available and it’s ideal for kids between ages of 6 to 12. Three single coil pickups offer a really cool and vintage guitar sound.
  4. Loog Pro Electric – Check Pricing on Amazon

    This tiny guitar is perfect for kids between ages from 3 to 6. What’s important, instead of six, it only has three strings. It’s pretty affordable and it’s designed specifically for kids. In my opinion it’s a great option if you’re not sure if your kid is going to like playing the instrument.
  5. Epiphone Les Paul – Check Pricing on Amazon

    If your kid enjoys Guns n’ Roses, definitely buy him this amazing guitar! Although it is not the cheapest, it has absolutely everything. Classy rock sound, vintage sunburst color and two great humbuckers – what else do you need?

Best guitar for kids – should you choose an acoustic or an electric guitar?

In my opinion, both options are great as a first guitar. Personally, I started with an acoustic guitar as a kid and then I moved to an electric guitar. If you are a beginner, it doesn’t really make a difference. Your child will have to learn the same basic chords. On one hand, the strings on electric guitars are thinner, therefore it is slightly easier to play. On the other hand, bear in mind that if you decide to buy an electric guitar, you will have to buy a guitar amp too. Hence, this can be a bit more expensive than a regular acoustic guitar. Nevertheless, you can always show both of these guitars to your kid and let him decide what suits them best!

How much should you spend?

You should be comfortable with spending a few hundred bucks for your kids’ musical education. The internet is full of guitar toys which are really disappointing. You should avoid this kind of musical gear, because its poor quality can actually discourage your kid from learning to play the instrument. Moreover, the strings on these guitars break very fast.

Other necessary accessories

There are a lot of different accessories available for guitarists. Although these items are not extremely necessary, it would be great if you could also get it all for your kid. These other accessories include:

  • a guitar pick – to play not only with fingers
  • a capo – to experiment with new sounds
  • a set of spare guitar strings – it is always good to have a spare pair in case something breaks
  • a guitar strap – it is important for a child to learn to play while standing.
  • a guitar case or gig bag – to keep your kids’ guitar safe.

What age is the best to start?

Some people argue what age is the best for a kid to start playing the guitar. Well, it really depends. YouTube is full of videos of three year olds who are absolutely amazing at playing instruments. Is that a healthy approach? I’m not sure. Nevertheless, most people say that the age between 5-7 is the best to start playing the guitar.

Best Guitar for Kids – Conclusion

It’s great that you’re considering buying a guitar for your kid! This investment is not too expensive and it actually may shape the path of your kids’ life. Guitars are very often a life-long passion and someday your child is going to thank you for planting this seed at an early age. Making music strengthens self-confidence, trains patience and promotes intelligence. There are literally no cons of learning this skill. If you’re still unsure about buying the guitar for your kid – take the risk. If the kid won’t like it, at least you will know that you tried!

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