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Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive – Worth It? [REVIEW]

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behringer to800 vintage tube overdrive review

Thinking about getting the Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive pedal? Look no further! In today’s in-depth review, I’m going to take a very close look on that popular effect. It’s a really cheap piece of gear, but is it actually worth it?

The truth is that Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive offers a great value for the money. It has a very nice tube-like sound and it sounds surprisingly good. Surely, adding it to your pedalboard will be a great choice!

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what exactly makes the TO800 so good and so popular among the musicians all around the world. Firstly, we’ll have a look at the specs and the key strengths of that model. Of course, there will be a few sound demos included too, so you’ll be able to hear how it sounds!

Specs & Pricing

behringer to800 vintage tube overdrive review

Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive is a budget pedal that exceeds all the expectations! In fact, it’s one of the most popular cheap overdrive pedals available on the market right now.

What makes it so special? Well, this particular model features a simple construction made of plastic with three separate controls: Drive, Tone and Level. It’s really easy to use, so it’s definitely beginner-friendly.

The manufacturer equipped this pedal with Original 4558 IC and MA150 distortion diodes which give you access to a really nice, oldschool overdrive sound. The TO800 sounds very authentic and it does a great job at recreating these vintage tones.

It can be powered through a 9-volt battery or a DC adapter which is not usually included with the pedal.

When it comes to pricing, it’s really cheap. It won’t be easy to find a better tube-like overdrive at this price level. That’s for sure! I’m sure that a lot of you will immediately fall in love with that model.

Here’s the sound demo – feel free to check it out below.

Who Is It For?

Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive is suitable for guitarists of all levels. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or an intermediate player with a lot of experience – the quality of that cheap pedal will really surprise you.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who’s searching for their first overdrive pedal.

If you haven’t used any pedals before and you want to enter the world of guitar effects, this is an ideal model to start with. It will definitely spice up your guitar tone!

What’s important, although it’s a cheap piece of gear, it’s really versatile. That being said, it can be used in a lot of various styles of music. Whether you’re into blues, country or rock – this pedal can do it all. It does a great job at creating the oldschool tube-like sound.

It is also worth mentioning that this is a perfect option for those who are looking for the cheapest pedals available on the market. If you don’t want to spend too much on new gear, this Behringer effect will do the job.

Overall, I’m positive that the vast majority of guitar players will really enjoy using the TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive. It offers a surprisingly good tone for the money and it can easily compete with much more expensive overdrive pedals.

Here’s an another sound demo.

Pros And Cons Of Behringer TO800

Just like any other cheap pedal available on the market, Behringer TO800 has its own advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry though – there’s not much to complain about, especially when you think of how inexpensive it actually is.


  • Cheap Price
  • Great Tone
  • Sounds Similar To Much More Expensive Pedals
  • Perfect For Home Use
  • Ideal For Beginners


  • Made Of Plastic
  • Not Ideal For Gigs

As you can see, the TO800 has a lot of great pros. It’s cheap, it sounds good and it’s perfect for beginners – who needs anything else?

On the other hand, it features a pretty basic construction made of plastic, so it’s not that durable. It’s not a huge problem – you just have to take a good care of it. The durability could be better, but of course it won’t break after just a few weeks of using it.

Overall, it’s a fantastic cheap pedal. However, if you’re a bit more intermediate guitarist and you perform live or record in a studio, you should probably search for something better.

TO800 – Cheap Boost For Metal

A lot of metal guitarists like to use the Behringer TO800 as a cheap boost to spice up their metal tone. In fact, it’s really difficult to spot the difference between the TO800 and more expensive Ibanez TS9.

These pedals sound differently on their own, but they’re really close to each other in the full mix. That’s why getting a cheap TO800 is usually a fantastic choice for metal guitarists!

Here’s a great video that compares the TO800 and Ibanez TS9. You have to admit that they sound very similar!

What About Other Behringer Pedals?

As you’re probably aware, Behringer has a lot of various pedals in their offering. The most popular overdrive pedals by this brand apart from the TO800 are:

  • Behringer TO100
  • Behringer BO100
  • Behringer OD400

Here’s a really good video that compares the sound all of these four cheap pedals – I highly encourage you to check it out below!

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you don’t like the sound of Behringer TO800 or you have a feeling that it’s not the right fit for you, that’s not a problem! There’s still quite a lot of other great sounding overdrive pedals out there. Of course, it all depends on the size of your budget and your own personal preferences.

Here’s a few more cool pedals that are also worth checking out.

other pedals

Firstly, I highly encourage you to consider getting the Fender Pugilist Distortion. It’s a dual overdrive and distortion pedal, so it’s basically like having two separate pedals in one box. This effect gives you access to a really wide range of various tones, so it’s extremely versatile. It’s not too expensive either!

Alternatively, you can also consider getting one of the most legendary overdrive pedals of all time – Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer! This is an absolutely fantastic piece of gear that every guitarist should try at some point of their careers. It was popularized mainly by Steve Ray Vaughan, so as you can imagine – it’s an absolute beast.

If you’re looking for a bit of extra crunch, a regular overdrive pedal may not good enough for you. That’s why you should also check out my article about 8 Best Distortion Pedals Under $100. I’m sure that you’ll be able to find your next favorite distortion pedal on that list! There are a lot of great pedals in there and most importantly, they’re not too expensive either.


Where is Behringer TO800 made?

Behringer TO800 is manufactured in China, just like any other pedal made by this brand.

Is the TO800 good for beginners?

Yes, this pedal is perfect for beginners!

Where can I find out more about Behringer?

If you want to learn more about this brand, check out the official website of Behringer.


As you can see, Behringer TO800 is a really cool overdrive pedal. It may not be the best pedal of this type in the world, but considering how inexpensive and versatile it is, it’s definitely worth every cent. I’m sure that a lot of you will immediately fall in love with it!

What do you think of that effect? Would you get it for yourself or do you think that it’s too cheap? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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