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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Walrus Audio Slo Reverb

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.*

I recently bought the famous Walrus Audio Slo Reverb and to be honest, it quickly became one of my absolute favorites. Hopefully this quick review will help you realize that you probably need it in your pedalboard too!

There’s something really unique about that reverb pedal – it sounds unlike anything else. I’m positive that it will be really tough to find something better, especially if you’re into ambient, indie and alternative music.

Here’s five reasons why you should consider getting it for yourself, but before I start – here’s a few links for everyone who wants to see the current pricing and detailed specs of the Slo effect, feel free to check it out below.

Reason #1 – It Will Be The Last Reverb Pedal That You’ll Ever Get

Walrus Audio Slo

Absolutely incredible reverb pedal suitable not only for professional musicians, but also for beginner and intermediate guitarists.

I’m a lover of ambient music, so I needed a versatile reverb pedal capable of delivering something great. Let’s be honest – Walrus Audio Slo has everything that you need if you’re into that kind of music.

Considering the fact that it’s extremely functional for ambient and experimental music, there’s a high chance that you’ll never have to search for an another reverb pedal again.

Here’s a quick demo – have a listen.

Reason #2 – It’s Not That Expensive

Some people say that Slo is really expensive and I have to agree with that, but to be honest it’s worth every cent.

As an example, it’s at at least two times cheaper than the legendary Strymon Big Sky Reverb. That’s a pretty solid reason to choose Slo instead!

You also have to bear in mind that the overall quality of pedals made by Walrus Audio is out of this world, so you can be sure that it will last you for years to come.

Reason #3 – It Cuts Perfectly Through The Mix

I recently had the pleasure to test out the Slo with my band and it was a truly extraordinary experience. We just couldn’t stop playing! No matter which Slo mode I was using, it sounded absolutely amazing with a full band.

Here’s an another really good video that highlights the uniqueness of the Slo in a live setting – feel free to check it out below.

Reason #4 – It Will Expand Your Creativity

The tonal possibilities with the Slo pedal are infinite, so it will definitely inspire you to take your playing onto the next level. You don’t need to be an advanced guitar player to feel that incredible inspiration – every guitarist will feel that!

That’s why I believe that this effect will significantly boost your overall creativity.

Reason #5 – It Will Inspire You To Get More Pedals From Walrus Audio

I’m pretty sure that if you decide to add the Slo to your own pedalboard, it will eventually push you to check out more pedals from this great manufacturer.

Here’s a photo of my two Walrus Audio pedals – Julia V2 and Slo. They look beautiful, don’t you agree?

The combination of Julia and Slo is just amazing – it results with heavily modulated swells and dreamy soundscapes that are perfect for indie, alternative rock and ambient music.

Also, with a little bit of fuzz (I’m personally using The Pelt Fuzz), it’s also a perfect combination for shoegaze.

Interested About Specs & Pricing?

If you’re thinking about getting this pedal for yourself, make sure to check out the links below – all of the specs and details are in there!

[lasso ref=”walrus-audio-slo-multi-texture-reverb-guitar-effects-pedal-standard-900-1047″ id=”13393″ link_id=”46527″]


Undoubtedly, Walrus Audio did an absolutely amazing job and they managed to create a reverb pedal out of this world. That’s why I highly recommend checking it out!

If the Slo would be a movie, it would surely get the Academy Award for Best Movie. It’s the true Oscar material! I’m not sure if there’s anyone who gives awards to pedal manufacturers but I’m sure that you’ll get my point.

I’m looking forward to keep on using this pedal on a daily basis and I’ll definitely use it on a few of my next recordings. If anyone from Walrus Audio is reading it, you guys are awesome!

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